Magic at work

Wal’s amazing. All my friends say I’m unbelievably a totally new person in just three months with Wal’s amazing help. There’s nothing else like this in the world. He’s magic at work.
Theofania, Parkside

Never felt better

I can honestly say I have never felt better in my entire life.
Mark, Croydon

Unwavering integrity

Over the past eight years I have achieved an enormous amount of healing, growth and personal empowerment through working with Jan and Wal. With their multi-level, multi-skilled approach to healing, continual openness to learning, and unwavering integrity, I cannot recommend anyone more highly.
Natalie Gannon, PhD

Revolutionised my life

Wal has guided me in a new dynamic in the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit which has healed and revolutionised my life and shown me the limitless potential of my being.

Quickly, effectively, painlessly

Of all the healing modalities I have experienced in the last 11 years, nothing has accelerated my personal and spiritual growth as quickly, effectively and as painlessly as the technique that Wal uses.
Marie, Trott Park.

Unbelievably special

Wal has changed my whole life into something unbelievably special. Once you decide to go your whole life fits into place.
Maria, Woodville South

I look amazing

I would never have made it through my cancer without you. Thank you for my health and vitality. Everyone says how I look amazing!
Pam H, Heathfield

Surprisingly gentle

I felt a noticeable and immediate profound change which was surprisingly gentle. I don’t know why there’s not a big noise being made of this therapy. It brings such a blessed relief.
Egon Russell, Woodville.

Absolutely happy

I feel a weight off my shoulders and for the first time in what seems months I feel absolutely HAPPY. I feel blessed for knowing you and I thank the universe for putting us in the same country.
Andrew B., Woodside.

Feeling on top of the world

TestimonialsAs long as I can remember, I have had dreams of knowing of myself as a free soul, a person in every sense of the word. That session left me feeling on top of the world with a realisation that my longing for freedom has come true. I am eternally grateful to you for being on my journey, wherever it will take me, to be free and to be myself.
Evelina T., Bridgewater

It works

I have been to see many others but Wal is the best for 2 reasons. Firstly, I feel empowered every time I see him. Secondly, what he does actually works.
Ross S. Mitcham