Celestial Tapping Techniques CTT

Celestial Tapping Techniques CTT Is Revolutionary

Celestial Tapping Techniques (CTT) means Spiritual Growth for everyone – Fast, Easy, and so far found to be Safe

There Are Three Aspects To CTT

Currently there are three aspects to CTT and these may be summarised as follows:

  • Using CTT for personal transformation, spiritual growth, spiritual healing, spiritual enlightenment
  • Using CTT for empowering the standard EFT processes and taking EFT to a whole new level (especially if the EFT Practitioner is capable of being aware of the client’s energy field and the energy disruptions within each of the meridians because this makes the EFT process work much faster, thoroughly and comprehensively).
  • Using CTT for spiritual awakening (see the spiritual awakening series which contains elements of standard EFT and also CTT)

Using CTT For Siritual Growth Etc.

You can measure spiritual growth in two ways. The units of measurement are Levels Of Perfection and Dimensions Accessed. Tapping Celestial Words Of Power into the EFT tapping points results in measurable increases in Levels Of Perfection and Dimensions Accessed.

Using CTT For Empowering Standard EFT

Every EFT Practitioner has had some instances where standard EFT doesn’t work or works up to a point and then gets stuck. CTT will often burst through these. For instance, quite often this situation is caused by powerful negativity that strongly resists the shifting of energy disruptions within the meridians (which it may have placed in the energy system in the first place). Also, some conditions may take many rounds of tapping to shift with standard EFT but if you add Celestial Words of Power, they shift in just one round.

Using CTT For Spiritual Awakening

  • Some of the combinations of Celestial Words Of Power lend themselves to Spiritual Awakening.
  • There are Advanced Celestial Words of Power which directly affect motion towards spiritual awakening (we haven’t yet published these at the time of writing this article).
  • There is also a revolutionary way of EFT setup that will move you towards Spiritual Awakening (see below Alternative EFT Setup For CTT).

Alternative EFT Setup For CTT

With CTT you can choose to use an alternative and revolutionary EFT setup that will often clear issues more quickly than standard EFT and, as a side benefit, move you towards Spiritual Awakening. This new setup can, amongst other things, reduce identification with the body. As identification with the body decreases so identification with your Divine True Nature increases. Using this setup often results in profound spiritual experiences both for the client and the EFT Practitioner (for instances pleasant spaced-out feelings) and so my advice is for EFT Practitioners to use it mainly towards the start of the EFT session rather than towards the end of the session when the client may need to drive a car shortly thereafter.

Standard EFT Setup

Even though I have this problem, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Alternative CTT Setup

Even though I have this problem, I open into openness.


Even though I have this problem, the I opens into openness.

The reminder statement is “I open into openness” and you tap it into the various EFT points and, after tapping each point five times or so, you wave your arms out in a flourish, like flower petals opening up to the Sun.

You may find that it helps to immerse yourself into the “I” and really feel the “I” while doing the setup.

This new setup can be extraordinarily powerful for a number of reasons, including the possibility that the “I” being processed may be supporting a number of limiting beliefs etc. and by opening it into openness it disappears, taking with it all those beliefs and energy disruptions it may be responsible for.

Celestial Tapping Techniques is Experimental

Celestial Tapping Techniques is experimental and reading this page implies that you accept that you use it at your own risk and you take full responsibility for the outcomes of its use.

Caution:- this technique seems to charge and expand the energy system and there may be risks in over-charging or over-expanding your energy system. Just as the instructions in the use of re-chargeable batteries warn you about the need to avoid overcharging, you are warned not to overcharge your own energy system.

Celestial Tapping Techniques experimental technique that is still in its very early stages of development and there could be side effects that we have not yet encountered, and so if you choose to experiment with it you understand that you do so at your own risk.


Nevertheless, no one, so far, has encountered any difficulties with Celestial Tapping Techniques so long as they follow the instructions below. The main instruction is to stop when the energy system is fully charged and do not allow yourself to go into an overcharge situation. One person, so far, has had difficulty with a higher level of this process, which is not shown here in this paper, in that for a few hours he “lost my sense of self”. Continuous EFT tapping rectified this condition in a few hours. On the other hand, many people are not sensitive to energy and they can be overcharged yet be totally unaware of it and feel nothing. For instance, someone I was working with became overcharged, but she felt nothing, yet I couldn’t get within 10 feet of her (3 metres) without myself feeling overwhelmed. After about 10 minutes this effect subsided and I was able to approach her again.

Divine Light

Keep in mind that you are bringing Divine Light of varying frequency and intensity to bear upon your energy system. Divine, in this instance, means much more power than you are used to.

Know When To Stop

Stop if any of the following symptoms appear:-
Tingling in fingers or toes or other parts of the body
A feeling that can best be described as each of your hundreds of acupuncture points squirting out energy from themselves.
Loss of sense of self or ‘I am’. This could possibly be a loss of ego, which is something that many want, but if it happens suddenly then it can cause concern. Another possible cause is a fragmented self, where a dominant fragment suddenly loses dominance to another, more spiritual, fragment.

If any of the above symptoms appear then stop immediately, and wait for another day to continue.


Overwhelm usually passes within a few hours. So far, the only report I have had from someone experiencing a problem from overwhelm is their being so wired up that night that they did not go to bed until much later than their usual time and, lacking sleep, they were tired the next day.

Divine or Celestial Words of Power

Celestial Tapping Techniques, which is EFT for fast spiritual growth, involves the use of Celestial Words of Power. Celestial Words of Power can be used for personal spiritual growth where they can have a very powerful effect and catalyse rapid growth.

EFT plus CTT equals POWERFUL

The use of EFT by itself has been found to be highly beneficial. The use Celestial Words of Power by themselves has also been found to be highly beneficial. However, using EFT and Celestial Words of Power together is very powerful, it has a very powerful effect on your energy, it can overwhelm you quickly, so care is needed.

For similar reasons, because some Celestial Words of Power have a much greater effect on energy than others, only 1 of the 100 or so commonly used Words of Power is listed here. Some words and word combinations are extremely powerful and can cause overwhelm very quickly.

Regular Practice

Feedback so far suggests that regular practice of this technique builds up your energy system so that it has increased capacity to accept more and more. Like muscle building, the more weight you regularly lift, the more weight you can eventually lift.

A client’s story

My initial use of this method
One of my clients, Nick, emailed me to say:- ‘I really can’t get over how amazing this is. Permanent and radical emotional change in less than 24 hours! It is the Celestial Words of Power and EFT combined. I have used one, and the other, and individually they have not worked like this, but combined it is amazing’.

I knew I was on to something. He had been on a quest for years and had tried numerous techniques, learning the EFT from me. I had been exploring the combination of using EFT with Divine or Celestial Words of Power for years but had never introduced it to clients before. When this client finished his method of exploring EFT, he asked me if there were something else he could try, so I suggested he use the Celestial Words of Power in combination with EFT.

What are Celestial Words of Power?

Various words of power have been used for thousands of years by people of all major religions, in their search for a more intimate relationship with their god. OM, for example, is the one most people seem to think of first. Within Christianity, the word ‘Amen’ at the end of a Christian prayer is a word of power, and ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ is an example of a collection of words of power used together. The Celestial Words of Power are words from the Divine Language. You resonate them to set up divine qualities within your being. They bring many benefits and catalyse profound change. When you combine them with EFT, you can sometimes shift conditions when standard EFT has not been effective.

Some Examples of Celestial Words of Power

Here are some examples. Their meanings indicate the divine qualities they establish within your being:-
Divine Acceptance
Bring deeply hidden issues out into the open
Divine and Unconditional Love
Divine Faith
Divine Forgiveness
Divine Harmony
Heal Thyself
Highest Joy
Highest Love
Highest Protection
Highest Wisdom
Highest Truth
Divine Power
Divine Passion
Divine Peace
Transform Mundane Emotions Into Divine Understanding

Divine Resonance

Resonating these Words of Power causes their vibration to become established for you, and enabling you to catalyse greater healing and enlightenment in others, and giving you access to higher and higher dimensions of light, moving you towards the divine.

Measure Your Level of Spiritual Growth

Your level of spiritual growth and attainment can be measured. This statement is so important that I will repeat it again in bold type.Your level of spiritual growth and attainment can be measured. This means that you can measure the effectiveness of the techniques you use to assist you in moving along your sacred path. You can combine EFT with Celestial Words of Power and use a muscle test to measure how well it is working. The main measures of spiritual growth are Dimensions Accessed (infinite dimensions are potentially accessible) and Levels of Perfection. The average person only accesses 15 dimensions and has 0.3 levels of perfection.

Galileo vs The Pope

There are lessons from the past about challenging people’s spiritual beliefs with measurements. About 400 years ago Galileo took some astronomical measurements and declared that the Earth goes around the Sun. The Pope responded by saying that spiritual people believe that the Earth is the centre of God’s creation and that the Sun goes around the Earth, and therefore Galileo was wrong and must be punished as a heretic. Galileo subsequently died under house arrest. There are many people (e.g. priests, new age gurus, and even people who you wouldn’t suspect it of) who strongly believe they are highly spiritual, and some may even believe this so extremely that they would prefer to die defending their beliefs, and yet measurements reveal they only have about 0.3 levels of perfection. Warning – Such people may become hostile towards you if your measurements reveal them to be only spiritually average.

Limitations Within Traditional EFT

There are limitations within the traditional EFT model that limit spiritual growth. The belief that ‘It is all energy’ is not correct. The truth is ‘It is all light’. Energy comes from light and light is an aspect of love. Do you not say ‘spiritual en-light-enment’ and not ‘spiritual en-energy-enment’? It is a mistake to dismiss this point as semantics because doing so can cost you some higher understanding of the Divine whose essential nature is indeed Light. As you master the using of words of power with EFT you may find that you become more aware of energy, more aware of light, and more aware of the difference between the two. This awareness can help EFT Practitioners to gain insight into what to do next in their sessions with clients.

Negativity Exists At All Levels

Also, some people believe that being free from negative states and feelings is an indication of the level of spirituality. The truth is that most people have no idea of what is happening to them spiritually. They can be happy and fulfilled in their mundane lives yet totally unaware of severe negativity affecting their spiritual level. Likewise, you can experience negative states and feelings while your spiritual level is totally positive and blissful. Negativity exists at all levels, but most people are blissfully unaware of nearly all of it.

Spiritual Components

There could be un-addressed spiritual (or divine, or higher) components to your issues
Some states, feelings, emotions, and physical health conditions, have a spiritual component, and the conditions either resist EFT treatment, or the conditions may return some time after the EFT treatment, unless the spiritual issues are addressed. I have found that standard EFT does indeed address some spiritual issues, but not all, and combining Celestial Words of Power with EFT gives you a much greater chance of clearing them. This seems a good place to awaken you in that, despite many EFT practitioners and EFT Masters using EFT for spiritual growth purposes, the only ones I have found with significant spiritual growth (ie they have well above average levels of spiritual perfection) are those that have had contact with Celestial Words of Power.

How to use Celestial Words of Power

An example of a Celestial Word of Power is HA.
HA in the Celestial or Divine Language means ‘Joy’.
HA is pronounced ‘hah’.

You can use Celestial Words of Power in various ways. Saying ‘Even though I have this problem, I deeply and completely love and accept myself,’ becomes, ‘Even though I have this problem, HA’.

You can also use Celestial Words of Power to powerfully empower EFT affirmations. For instance you can tap each point saying ‘Every day, in every way, I am getting healthier and healthier, HA’

Better still, we find that 4 repetitions of the Celestial Words of Power work best.
‘Even though I have this problem, HA-HA-HA-HA’
‘Every day, in every way, I am getting healthier and healthier, HA-HA-HA-HA’

Indications so far indicate that regular, moderate use of this technique causes the beneficial effects to build and build over time, expanding and evolving the energy system and giving access to higher and higher dimensions of light, higher and higher levels of spiritual perfection, and greater enlightenment and self realisation and understanding of our true nature.

Intent for Beneficence

It is highly recommended that you state a powerful intent for highest beneficence at the start of your session. Say ‘I want the highest of truth and the highest of beneficence. This is my will and therefore as it be the will of the Highest then so let it be done’. ‘Highest’, here, refers to that level of your being that has overall responsibility for your being, ie the Highest of Self, in conjunction with the ‘Highest of All That Is’.

Give thanks

When using Celestial Words of Power, gratitude is important. At the end of a session that includes the use of Celestial Words of Power, you give thanks by saying, ‘I give and receive of thanks’.

Measuring the results

If you are able to use muscle testing you can monitor the results of your experiments by asking questions such as the following:-

  • Muscle test these questions as a pre-test and post-test and at regular follow ups
  • How many dimensions do I access now? (average = 15, maximum is infinity)
  • What is my level of perfection? (average = 0.3, maximum is infinity)
  • How many energy meridians do I have? (average = 15, some people have more than 40)

Further source of information

To assist you with your Celestial Tapping Techniques, our e-book, ‘Words of Power, Resonance for The Golden Age’ lists about 100 Celestial Words of Power that you can experiement with, plus it contains the Grand Program for Transformation, and it is available from this website, click here.