Spiritual EFT Intro

Experiments With EFT For Spiritual Purposes

Using EFT for spiritual growth and healing is something that many in the Emotional Freedom Techniques world have experimented with. Now that experimentation is extending into a revolutionary method of spiritual EFT called “Celestial Tapping Techniques”.

Scientific Proof Of The Benefits Of EFT

Using EFT to heal the body mind and emotions and performance issues has been explored very thoroughly over the last 10 years and I don’t expect to see a rapid increase in the way EFT is used in these ways from now on.  Already scientific trials have shown that EFT is superior to traditional forms of therapy in some contexts. What remains to be done in this field is more scientific research that shows just how powerful EFT truly is in comparison with all other forms of therapy and techniques with which it competes. What the skeptics need is absolutely convincing and conclusive experimental proof. Skeptics are going to have a bigger problem with the concept of spiritual EFT.

The Unexplored World of Spiritual EFT

On the other hand, to my perception, Spiritual EFT is a vastly untapped world. There is much to be discovered. There needs to be ways of measuring the results. This is where Celestial Tapping Techniques (CTT) comes into it. At the end of the day, when all the measurements have been made, CTT will be shown to be superior to all other methods of spiritual EFT.

Celestial Tapping Techniques

Celestial Tapping Techniques is likely to be the hot topic in numerous circles and forums soon. It’s ability to bring about rapid change, rapid spiritual healing, rapid spiritual growth and spiritual transformation is phenomenal. It operates at not only the spiritual level but also the divine. For are we not divine beings having a physical experience?

Some effects Of Celestial Tapping Techniques

  • fast and safe chakra healing and balancing
  • fast and safe aura healing and balancing
  • fast and safe kundalini healing and normalization
  • clearing of spiritual negativity
  • powerfully asssists higher enlightenment and spiritual awakening
  • empowerment of the standard EFT process
  • sometimes works when standard EFT doesn’t (or can’t)
  • often clears energy disruptions etc. that standard EFT misses
  • powerful means of ego reduction and the consequent moving towards self-realisation

More Information about Celestial Tapping Techniques

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