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by Wal on July 2, 2011

Spiritual EFT For Psychic And Soul

At the core of each of us is our Divinity and around our Divinity we may find our Soul. We can use Spiritual EFT in the form of EFT Tapping in conjunction with Celestial Words of Power to purify and uplift ourselves, raising our vibration to attune with our Divinity. We can use EFT Tapping to purify our whole being, removing any negative interference, and protecting the aura and the third eye, so that we may use our psychic senses without interference from negativity. The soul can be contaminated by negativity and, again, using EFT to tap in Divine Words of Power is an ideal solution. This can be even more effective if you first tap in The Grand Program For Transformation which is included in each of our books.

Video Of Soul Portraits – Psychic Art

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How to Find Reliable Psychic and Soul Guidance

There are millions of people searching for psychic and soul guidance. Are you one of the people wondering how you can become more spiritual and manifest positive change in your life? You are not alone. The first step to getting in touch with your spirituality and receiving psychic and soul guidance is finding a psychic life coach who can help you make decisions about life and learn to listen to your own Inner Voice, which can often give you important clues about your spiritual path. Here are some tips from people who have found psychic and soul guidance on how you can find and recognize your own psychic life coach:

Psychic Life Coaches

Schedule a “get to know you” session with several different psychic life coaches and possible mentors – In order to give you the best possible psychic and soul guidance, whatever real psychic medium that you work with will need to have a strong connection to you. Scheduling a session where you sit down with that person and talk about things like spirituality and life philosophies, will give you a clear message whether or not that person is the right life mentor for you. Meet with several different psychics to make sure that you pick the right one. If you’re not used to making decisions based on what your Inner Voice tells you then it will be helpful to meet with several different people and compare your experiences with each to figure out who will be able to give you the most reliable psychic and soul guidance. Schedule more than one session if you need to.

Meditation And Your Inner Voice

Listen to what your instincts tell you – You may be strongly drawn to one particular psychic, or you may be strongly repelled by one psychic medium or another. Some you may have neutral feelings for. Go back to the ones that you had strong feelings for, even if they were negative feelings. If you have been hiding from some spiritual truths that are hard to face you may feel a repulsion to the psychic who can help you the most and give you the most psychic and soul guidance. Meditate after your initial sessions to see what your Inner Voice tells you and really listen to it. Sometimes finding your spiritual path means dealing with some things that you have refused to deal with before. A skilled psychic life coach will be able to guide you past those issues and into a better place spiritually.

Be Open To Receive Psychic and Soul Guidance

You will most likely have several different spiritual teachers and mentors as you continue along your path, so you will be able to use these skills over and over again as you progress to higher levels of awareness and spirituality. Psychic and soul guidance often comes from people that you don’t expect, so be open to receiving guidance from all sources.

Psychic And Soul Guidance From Wal

There are some people who visit me regularly for psychic and soul guidance sessions. They like to call me their ‘Guru’ but I say they must smile if they call me that. I don’t, myself, identify with ‘guru’.


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