Are Psychics Real?

by Wal on June 22, 2011

In my role as a practitioner of Spiritual EFT, I am occasionally asked the question, “Are psychics real?“. I was watching Shirley MacLain on Oprah the other day and she said, “We are all psychic”. That is my experience, too, and I have many stories I could tell to back this up. But what people generally mean when they ask me this question is, “If I were to pay a psychic for a psychic reading, would that be beneficial for me?” My answer would go something like this, “In my experience, some psychics are quite good, and many are not so good, and others you should stay well away from. Use Maggie’s Decision Destroyer to decide which one to see and protect yourself with Celestial Words of Power before you go”.

I asked my friend, John, how he would answer this question, Are Psychics Real? This is what he said:

Are Psychics Real?

Do IAre psychics real? believe that psychics are real? There have been a lot of people wondering the same thing. I see psychics on television and I wonder how they would know things about a person if they had never met them. Then I wonder if what I saw on television was real. Have they really never met this person or did the producers get the information from the person and pass on to the psychic? If psychics are for real, I will want to find one who is reliable because there are a lot of fakes out there. There is no way to determine the amount of psychic ability a person has.

All Of Us Have A Little Psychic Ability

Have you ever predicted something that came true? It seems that all of us have a little psychic ability and this may answer the question of wondering if psychics are real. You can find a psychic in just about every town or city that can give you a cheap reading. If I were to make sure that a psychic was real, I would find someone who has no idea of who I am and firstly discover if they can tell me things about myself that they couldn’t know.

Psychics Solving Police Investigations On TV

Even most police question if psychics are real but some police still continue to use them when they have no other leads. When I look it up online, I find that there have been a lot of ┬áreal psychics and medium’s that have solved cases that have been dead for years. They have been able to take police to where a person may be, or give clues to where it happened and sometimes who did it.

Video – Demi Moore Married Ashton Kutcher On Psychic Intuition

Why Have So Many Psychics Not Predicted Their Own Future?

If they can not predict their own future many people have the question of ‘are psychics real?‘. Just like any doctor or psychologist they can not predict their own future but a psychic or medium can talk with people from their past that have passed on.

Take Precautions In Choosing A Psychic

There are a lot of people out there that claim to be psychic so it is best to ask around and go by word-of-mouth from other people. Do not ever give out any kind of personal information to someone who claims to be a psychic and it is always best to pay with cash until you find out that they are the real thing.

Thanks for you views, John.

Spiritual EFT With Words Of Power

To sum up, if your answer to the question, “Are psychics real?” is yes, then I encourage you to use Maggie’s Decision Destroyer to decide which one to visit. Also, in terms of using Spiritual EFT, I want to re-emphasize the power of Celestial Words of Power to assist in matters psychic. For starters, they can help you to clear out negative stuff from your own aura and help to protect your own third eye, thereby helping you to become more psychic. Along with the Grand Program For Transformation, they will help to make your session with a psychic more beneficial. This means, of course, that all psychics would benefit from installing the Grand Program and using Celestial Words Of Power frequently. For more about these, see Words Of Power.


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1 ryan November 29, 2014 at 8:17 am

I also agree that we all have some psychic ability and some are more strongly tuned into it. But as you say, don’t just rush out and throw your money at someone who claims to have psychic powers. Investigate a little first.


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