Spiritual Awakening Using EFT Tapping

by Wal on September 10, 2013

This is the first in a series of articles about how to use EFT to help you awaken spiritually and then go deeper into full spiritual awakening. There are two paths to spiritual awakening and you can use EFT tapping to assist yourself along each path. The term ‘spiritual awakening’ can apply to many types of religious or spiritual experience. In this article, spiritual awakening refers to the realization of oneself as God. Because of the multitude of religions on the planet, there are many different concepts as to what the word ‘God’ means to each person. As people begin to achieve full spiritual awakening they generally agree that their experience is like the God referred to in the Holy Bible in Exodus 3:14  “And God said unto Moses, I-AM THAT I-AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I-AM hath sent me unto you.”

Two Paths To Spiritual Awakening

Ramana Spiritual AwakeningThe two paths of spiritual awakening are the path of self enquiry and the path of devotion. With EFT you can develop Self awareness using techniques that promote both paths and get the best of both worlds. Either way, you need to surrender the ego-mind to God. To the mind, surrendering to God can feel like death, so be prepared for fear to arise, which you can then tap away with EFT. Some awakened individuals talk about killing the mind. However, to me, it seems that a more enlightened method is to merge the mind with love without any killing at all. Even so, the mind is most likely to feel that it is about to die and so, again, be prepared to do EFT on fear. Also, be warned that the mind creates your reality and so if it feels that it could be about to die then it can create unusual experiences for you to distract you or stop you from achieving your goal of spiritual awakening and the subsequent deepening into full spiritual awakening.

Why Awaken?

If you are asleep and dreaming that all your friends are in trouble and the world is a disaster, what’s the best way to help them? ….. Wake up!

Many of my clients have said that they want to be of service to the community and have asked me my opinion as to what they could do to achieve this. My answer is in the words of Ramana, “Spiritual Awakening is the greatest service you can offer the world.”

Full Self Realization

Full Spiritual Awakening is also known as full Self Realization and also as Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi which is a term used by Ramana who is generally accepted to be the most profoundly awakened person of the 20th Century. David Godman defines Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi as “The state of complete enlightenment in which one can function normally and naturally in the world. Sahaja means natural.” (From David Godman’s book, The Power Of The Presence). It’s nothing new and it’s not something to be gained or advised because it is already there, hidden in plain site, so to speak, overlooked. So it is realized, revealed as Truth, changeless and eternal.

Purity And Dis-identification

The first step to spiritual awakening is to initially become aware as the Limitless Presence that is your True Self, the I-AM within. The fact that you are reading this suggests that you have already at least been moving towards this awareness by spiritually enlightening yourself in various ways. Once you initially become aware as the True Self, you will most likely still be identifying with the ego-mind most of the time so the next step is to move towards identifying with the True Self constantly. So long as the mind is impure you will be drawn to identify with the illusion instead of the Truth. The solution is to purify the mind and to stop identifying with the body and my experience is that the two go hand in hand. The paths to achieving this purity and body dis-identification are Devotion and Self-Enquiry.  You can use the power of EFT to speed this up. Using EFT often works much faster than traditional methods of purification and dis-identification, especially if you combine EFT with Celestial Words of Power.

From True Nature To Human Ignorance

When someone is fully awakened we say they are in their Natural State, or a state of True Nature. Here are the steps to descend from your True Nature  into human ignorance and illusion. To return to your True Nature you can reverse the order. To do this, you can apply EFT to the path of self enquiry and to the path of devotion. Some EFT procedures to help you to achieve this are given later in this article.

  • Nothingness, Openness, The Light that makes Pure Awareness possible. When you attune with someone who has achieved their True Nature, you might get a sense of nothingness, or limitlessness, or emptiness, even though their human body is there to be seen.
  • Pure Awareness, I-I. When you attune with someone who is awakened but not yet fully awakened you might get a sense of a level of purity within them.
  • Mind, ego, a bundle of thoughts, illusion, ignorance.
    • I am the body belief or thought, leads to individualization and separation
    • The thought that there is something missing leads to desire
    • The thought that there is something wrong leads to fear
    • Identification with past and future
    • Identification with the body (illness, looks, skills, family, culture, habits etc.)
    • Identification with thoughts (beliefs are strongly held thoughts)
    • Identification with personal story

The Divine Spark Of Awakening

The information on this page includes practical EFT Tapping exercises to help you to move towards spiritual awakening. These exercises will likely be far more productive if you already have within you The Divine Spark of Awakening. Spiritual awakening by yourself without the assistance of an awakened guru is extremely difficult and time consuming. Very few gurus are awakened and not all who say they are awakened, are awakened.

Meditation And Gurus

Papaji Spiritual AwakeningMost gurus are not spiritually awakened according to the books about the fully awakened person by the name of Papaji such as ‘Nothing Ever Happened’. Papaji says that nearly all of India’s gurus are not spiritually awakened. Such non-awakened gurus usually teach such things as meditation, yoga, reading sacred texts, chanting of sacred or devotional songs, prayer, etc.  These pursuits help the disciple to raise their vibration to higher spiritual levels, and sometimes to Divine levels, giving them access to profound spiritual and divine states of consciousness, which can often be very pleasant and sometimes blissful. Gurus who are indeed awakened, however, tend to advise such pursuits only when the disciple is having difficulty with the most direct spiritual awakening techniques.

Spiritual awakening techniques tend to be either question focused or devotion focused. For instance, a non-awakened guru might instruct a disciple (subject)  to meditate on something (object). But to an awakened guru there is no object, there is only subject, and therefore the guru might say to the disciple, “Find out who is meditating”. Likewise, if devotion is the path to spiritual awakening that is being followed by the disciple, then the spiritually awakened guru might say, “Devote yourself to something”, and if the disciple finds this difficult then the guru might suggest singing devotional songs (like the Gayatri) or studying Bhakti Yoga. Devotion is ultimately giving or surrendering self to Source in absolute surrender.

Who Is Awakened?

As far as we can tell, thousands of people have awakened around the world so far. All of these spiritually awakened people could possibly catalyze spiritual awakening in others who remain in their Presence for a sufficiently long period. As far as we know, very few of these people have the expertise and techniques to deliberately or directly awaken others. Some of these awakened people actively make themselves available so that others may awaken. From what we observe on the internet, they use such things as teaching classes, running “Satsangs”, and offering their Presence, in the hope of enabling the spiritual awakening of others. Observing the experiences of people we read about on the internet, these methods may work or they may not. Only a handful of awakened people are fully awakened. We know the names of only two fully awakened people at the time of writing this, but they do not make themselves available publicly.

Heart Centered Limitless Enlightenment

The aim of this series of articles is Heart Centered Limitless Enlightenment. Some gurus offer Crown Centered Enlightenment. These people often call themselves “non-dualists”. Both methods are valid. Heart centered is in the body, crown centered is outside the body. They feel different.

The body is in oneness. But nothing contains oneness. When awakened you realize there is no body. “I am not the body,” is pretty much the meaning of enlightenment. Many of the exercises in this series of articles can cause you to lose awareness of the body. Identifying with the body is called ‘ignorance’. Identifying with the True Self is called ‘true knowledge’ or ‘pure awareness’ amongst other things.

In David Godman’s book Be As You Are Ramana says:

Reality must be always real. It is not with forms and names. That which underlies these is the reality. It underlies limitations, being itself limitless. It is not bound. It underlies unrealities, itself being real. Reality is that which is. It is as it is. It transcends speech. It is beyond the expressions ‘existence, non-existence’, etc. The reality which is the mere consciousness that remains when ignorance is destroyed along with knowledge of objects, alone is the Self . In that (state) which is abundant Self-awareness, there is not the least ignorance. The reality which shines fully, without misery and without a body, not only when the world is known but also when the world is not known, is your real form. The radiance of consciousness-bliss, in the form of one awareness shining equally within and without, is the supreme and blissful primal reality. Its form is silence and it is declared by jnanis (ie those who are fully awakened) to be the final and unobstructable state of true knowledge [Sanskrit for “true knowledge” = jnana].

 Safeguard Advisory

This is a good place on this page to state that some of the exercises shown below can shift your awareness. It is advisable to avoid driving a car or operating heavy machinery until your awareness has returned to normal after completing the exercises. Most people return to normal in a few minutes but some take longer. Also, each time you do the exercises and your awareness shifts, the shift can occur faster (with less tapping) and can remain longer, although you should find that an effort of will can bring you out of it quickly if you need to. I gave an example of this to a friend while walking in nature. I did one of the following EFT setups while strolling along a path and, after a few seconds of tapping, my body suddenly went limp and I dropped to the ground. I was okay and back on my feet in a few seconds.

Repetition Takes You Deeper

I recommend that you repeat the exercises given in these articles frequently. Prior to the initial spiritual awakening experience, repetition of the exercises will better prepare you for spiritual awakening. After spiritual awakening, repetition will help you to dive deeper into the Self, and move you steadily towards full Self Realization.

EFT Setup – Merging The Mind With Love

Even though the mind is not yet fully merged with Love, I deeply and completely accept myself.
The suggested reminder phrase is – The mind is not yet fully merged with love

By fully merging the mind with Love, we open ourselves to God. Merging the mind with love is very difficult to achieve 100%. There is a tendency to over-estimate the level of merging the mind with love. I encourage you to persist because the rewards of achieving it 100% are great.

EFT Setup – Purifying The Mind

Even though the mind is not yet fully purified, I deeply and completely accept myself.
The suggested reminder phrase is – The mind is not yet fully purified
Alternative reminder phrase – All that is impurity

I recall reading a paragraph in a book about Ramana which spoke of the purity of the Hindu God, Brahman. Suddenly my consciousness was filled with a sense of absolute purity. Along with that purity came a sense of the impurity of my mind, a vivid contrast. I recall thinking, “Uh-oh, I guess I am going to have to get rid of all that impurity. That’s going to take a lot of work.” At the time of writing this I am still working on it.

On another occasion, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami from the Kauai Aadheenam Hindu Monastery in Hawaii, USA, gave a talk at the local Hindu Temple here in Adelaide, South Australia. I was fortunate enough to be in the front row of the audience, immersed in his powerful Heart Lotus that caused a burning sensation in the right side of my chest and that had an ongoing effect on me. For the next six weeks I experienced a sense of sublime purity and bliss on a dozen or so occasions. This was very significant because the bliss was thousands of time greater than any bliss I had ever experienced before in my life. I understand this to be an indication of the level of mental purity that is yet to be achieved.

EFT Setup – Deepening

The path to full spiritual awakening is different for each individual. Most people awaken and then progress to full self realization at a comfortable pace. This progress  is called “deepening”. Many of the exercises on this page will assist you to deepen, to “plunge deeper into the Self”, as Ramana would say.

Even though I am unable to dive even deeper into the Self, I deeply and completely accept myself.
The suggested reminder phrase is – I am unable to dive even deeper
Alternative reminder phrase – All that is preventing me from diving deeper

EFT Setup – Self Realization

In a sense, all of us are already fully self-realized. It is just that we identify with the illusions generated by the mind instead of identifying with the True Self. There is what you could call “psychological reversals” stopping us from more fully identifying with the Self.

Even though I am unable to even more fully realize the Self, I deeply and completely accept myself.
The suggested reminder phrase is – The inability to fully realize the Self
Alternative reminder phrase – All that is preventing me from fully realizing the Self

EFT Setup – Silence

The key to spiritual awakening is silence. EFT is therefore an aid to getting you to silence. Regardless of anything else said in these articles about using EFT to achieve spiritual awakening, you need to spend considerable periods of time in silence in order to fully awaken spiritually. In future articles there will be powerful EFT tapping exercises that will bring about profound shifts in your awareness so that silence becomes much more achievable.

Even though I am unable to fully still the mind and be silent, I deeply and completely accept myself.
The suggested reminder phrase is – The mind is not yet still and silent
Alternative reminder phrase – All that is preventing me from being still and silent

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