Advanced EFT Tapping On Illusion

by Wal on September 19, 2014

This article is about how to use an advanced form of EFT to help you to remove the illusion that prevents you from realizing your True Nature and it is a continuation of the previous article EFT Tapping On Illusion For Spiritual Awakening.

Young Ramana Free From IllusionI recommend that you work through the exercises in that article on yourself firstly in order to get the most out of this one. On the surface, this current article about tapping on illusion says much the same thing as that previous article but there is a major difference that changes everything. We can take advantage of this major difference and make more progress as we deal with the illusion that confronts us on our path to enlightenment.

The previous article on tapping on illusion is based on Gold Standard EFT which uses a framework of “Even though I have this _________,  I deeply and completely accept myself”.  In that article, if we wanted to dissolve the illusory belief that we are the body we could tap on “Even though I am the body, I deeply and completely accept myself”. As a reminder statement we could use “I am the body”. But we can look at this EFT setup statement a different way and use this new view to generate much more powerful results that dissolve some of the illusions generated by the mind and so helping to reveal the True Self within.

Notice in the statement, “Even though I am the body, I deeply and completely accept myself”, there are two “I’s”, a “myself”, and a “body”. Which one is the real I? Are there four of ME? Do you get what I mean? The answer is that each of them have to do with Ego or sub-Ego. In order to awaken, we need to dissolve the Ego and all the sub-Ego’s (the Ego is an illusion).

Try this exercise. You know intellectually that All is One, right? Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, talks about it here. You, and that distant star you see on a cloudless night are one and the same, OK?

Now, focus on an “I” that is important to you, for example, “I am good”. Notice how open or closed it feels. Now focus on an “I” like “I am all that I see in the sky on a cloudless night”. Doesn’t the cloudless night “I” feel more open to you and the I am good “I” feel more closed?

What about “I am the flower that opens to the sun’s glorious rays”? Do you get that sense of opening and openness? This is what this article is about, getting into that sense of the “I” opening up into openness, or dissolving into openness.

Openness is your true nature. Ego is an illusion and tends to have a “closed” sense about it. You can dissolve your ego and sub-ego’s by allowing them to open up like a flower and so reveal to yourself your true nature, your True Self.

When I help people through these exercises, they literally feel to me as if the veils that have been obscuring the God within them are beginning to lift, and I begin to feel the Presence of the Divine within them, like a flower opening up to reveal its exquisite beauty and fragrance.


Powerful EFT Exercises For Dealing With Illusion

What follows are some truly powerful EFT exercises to help you to remove some of the illusion about who you truly are. The belief that you are the body, or that you are an ego, is illusion.

When you do the following exercises, first use the setup statements to really identify with the “I”. Then use the reminder statement to open up that “I”. Some people assist themselves in doing this by making a flourish with their tapping fingers as they complete the tapping on a point. When they tap with both hands it does, indeed, give the impression of a flower opening.

Advanced EFT Setup To Deal With Illusion

There is an alternative way of using EFT to deal with illusory beliefs such as “I am the body”. Instead of deleting the belief, we can remove the “I”. This is an advanced method of EFT that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

This setup gets away from the “I deeply and completely accept myself” because that statement infers that the “I” continues to exist. Rather, with this new technique, the “I” opens. When we use our ego’s (which we do most of the time in our interactions with others), those ego’s feel closed. When they open up and expand into the limitlessness of openness, they disappear along with the belief associated with them.

Be careful to look for multiple “I’s” because a belief may have many “I’s” supporting it, meaning that this exercise may need to be repeated many times before the illusion is totally destroyed.

You may find yourself ‘spaced out’ when doing this exercise. If so, either wait a while until it passes or, alternatively, explore this altered state and find out where it leads you.

Even though I am the body, the I opens into openness.
The reminder phrase is – the I opens into openness

Similarly, try these setups:-

  • Even though I have a body, the I opens into openness.
  • Even though I am the mind, the I opens into openness.
  • Even though I have a mind, the I opens into openness.
  • Even though I know that the world is real, the I opens into openness.
  • Even though I am thinking, the I opens into openness.

Realizing The Truth About Your Story

This setup format may be used to deal with your ‘Life Story’ or the various stories you tell yourself about your life. These stories are all illusion and they have to go before you can achieve full enlightenment.

For example:
Even though I am a fireman (or whatever job you do), the I opens into openness.
The reminder phrase is – the I opens into openness

Even though I fell out of a tree and broke my arm when I was 5 years old, the I opens into openness.
The reminder phrase is – the I opens into openness

Dissolving The Ego Called Me

The same process used for “I” ego’s (above) can be use for “Me” ego’s.

  • Even though he said hurtful things to ME, the ME opens into openness.
  • Even though winning the lottery will make ME rich, the ME opens into openness.
  • Even though eating cake makes ME fat, the ME opens into openness.
  • Even though the children don’t listen to ME, the ME opens into openness.

List Of Ideas To Use This Process On

Everyone has thousands of “I” experiences that they identify with. The “I’s” are in the stories that make up our lives, in our beliefs about ourselves and others, and in our likes and dislikes. But, in order to fully awaken spiritually, they all have to go for they are all illusion. This can be more difficult than it may seem because the mind can create new “I’s” as required. Here is a list of ideas to help you to come up with ideas of what needs to go. Feel free to let me know your own favourites in the comments section below.

  • I was punished by my father
  • I have a university degree
  • I fell in love for the first time when I was 15 (there are two “I’s” here – process them both individually)
  • I am always right
  • I met my best friend at school
  • I am a woman
  • I am European
  • I am addicted to sugar
  • I need a beer and a cigarette
  • I love football
  • I hate fleas
  • I feel depressed
  • I feel upset when my partner treats me badly (both “I” and “ME”)
  • I am sick
  • I made a big mistake
  • I am worried about the future
  • I feel like something is missing
  • I feel like something is wrong
  • He yelled at me

 Self Enquiry

In order to come up with your own “I’s” and “ME’s”, you can ask questions of yourself. This is a form of Self-Enquiry. This subject really belongs in the next article in this series about Spiritual Awakening through Self Enquiry, and I include it here partly as an introduction to that article.

Situation: Your are standing in the sunshine
Self Enquiry: Who is standing in the sunshine?
Answer: I am
EFT: Even though I am standing in the sunshine, the I opens into openness

Situation: Someone was talking to you
Self Enquiry: Who was he talking to?
Answer: ME
EFT: Even though he was talking to ME, the ME opens into openness

Ego Is The Source Of Thinking

If you are thinking then there is an “I”. Therefore another way to track down your “I’s” is to ask yourself “Am I thinking?” If the answer is “Yes”, then there is an “I” to be processed.

Situation – Self Enquiry: Am I Thinking?
Answer: Yes
EFT: Even though I am thinking, the I opens into openness


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