“How Much Do Sessions Cost”?

$300 per session

“How Long Does An EFT Session Take”?

Allow one and a half hours.

“How Many Sessions Will It Take”?

Many things can take one session or less to clear. That is why I recommend that you bring a list of the things you most would like to work on. Some difficult things can take several sessions. Sports performance and other types of performance can take as many sessions as it takes to be performing at your best because you play a game, then see me to fine tune, then play another game and find more issues, then come back to me, and so on.

“Do You Offer Concession Rates”?

There are ways that you can pay me other than with money.

“What Are Your Payment Options”?

  • I prefer cash on the day of the session.
  • I can accept PayID and BSB Bank Transfer.

“I Am Very Ill And Unable To Travel, Do You Offer Home Visits”?

  • I can offer home visits for people who need an in-person session and who are unable to come to my clinic.
  • To cover my costs, I charge an extra $1 per kilometre for the round trip from Blackwood.

“My Relative Is In A Coma In Hospital, How Can I Help Them”?

Also available are surrogate sessions where a client can surrogate for a family member who is unable to attend or would be difficult to work with, for example I can work on a baby or child or pet remotely using a surrogate. This is a common practice in energy therapies and means we can work on anyone (with their permission) no matter where they are in the world. Working with a client via a surrogate can be challenging and complex and is a very specialized service.

“Can You Work With My Pet”?

Yes, if you are willing to be a surrogate.

“What is required from me as a surrogate”?

Instead of muscle testing the person or pet directly, we obtain permission to work on the person or pet, and for you to be their surrogate. We call in the person’s or pet’s energy for the purpose of healing and information gathering. I muscle test the person or pet via your muscle and all EFT tapping is done on you while the person or pet receives all the benefits.

“Do You Offer Telephone Consultations”?

Yes. I find Facebook messenger video or Skype video sessions to be more effective than telephone.

“Do You Offer A Guarantee”?

Yes, I guarantee my work. If you are not happy with the results I will give you a full refund.

“I Have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities – MCS”

FAQI have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities). Some of the chemicals in fragrance can trigger severe asthma, migraines and seizures. Is your therapy room safe for me?
I am aware of the toxic chemicals found in everyday fragrance and cleaning products. I choose to be fragrance free and I avoid wearing fragranced products and use only fragrance free, natural cleaning products in the therapy room and toilet. I do not use any incense or air fresheners, etc. I also ask clients to please refrain from wearing fragrance when they attend the clinic. I cannot, however guarantee that all clients prior to your visit will be completely fragrance free. You may prefer to arrange a home visit.

“You Advertise That I Can Totally Transform My Life. How”?

The common qualities of those who have achieved this are that they have dedicated themselves to it with a passion, they have persisted with EFT, and they have regular sessions with me somewhere between twice a month and 4 times per year.