My Own Pain Treatment With EFT

by Wal on January 14, 2011

EFT For Broken Rib Pain Treatment

A few years ago I broke a rib and, as anyone who has done this can attest, I was in severe pain, and so I immediately performed my own pain treatment using EFT. I had been fixing the upstairs balcony at the time. The previous day I had removed the old timber from the floor of the balcony. During the night it had rained and the balcony was slippery. I leaned over the hole in the floor to hammer in a nail and my foot slipped and I fell through. I would have crashed into the ground ten feet below except that a beam that supports the floor boards broke my fall. My ribs were the first to hit the beam and one of them broke. At least I didn’t fall all the way down where I could have done much more damage.

Treating The Pain With EFT

pain treatment with eftI managed to pull myself back up through the hole and onto the balcony. From there I cleaned myself up and sat down with the intention of immediately doing some EFT to reduce the pain. I have been practicing EFT since 2001 and I thought I knew a thing or two about pain treatment with EFT. But you never really know how successful you are going to be until you work through the EFT process. So, sitting myself down in my favorite comfy chair, I began to tap.

Using The EFT Continual Tapping Technique For Pain Treatment

Most EFT Practitioners would probably start with “Even tho … ” at this point of their pain treatment. In my case, it was partly experience, partly the severe pain level (twelve out of ten at least!) that convinced me to start with the EFT continual tapping technique. Not only did this EFT continual tapping technique work, it reduced the pain to zero! I was tapping for less than an hour and the pain was all the way down to zero already!. This zero level, though, turned out to be a problem because whenever I bumped into something, even gently, the pain would immediately shoot up to ten. I discovered that I needed some pain to remind me not to bump into things. So I sat down and did some more EFT to raise the level of pain to a two out of ten. With this slight two out of ten pain I could then remember to avoid bumping into anything and I was able to manage my pain level quite well. At no stage did I take any medication for the pain.

How To Do EFT Continual Tapping

EFT continual tapping is one of the simplest of EFT techniques. To do EFT continual tapping you simply find a point to tap and continually tap it until the problem goes. In my case, I focused my attention upon the center of the pain in my ribs and tapped on the collar bone point continuously for as long as there was pain, which was, in this case, about an hour. Very simple, very effective. The collar bone point is a spot on the collar bone, either side of the joint where the collar bone meets the breast bone. Over the years I have experimented with it and found it quite useful for self treatment because, by tapping on just one point you can focus your attention totally on the problem without the distraction of having to move the fingers to other points. So I recommend that, if you have chronic or acute pain, try using this EFT technique for pain treatment.


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1 Judy Timperon February 17, 2011 at 4:43 am

Thanks for this info on continuous tapping Wal. I continue to be delighted at the wonderful healing power of EFT. What could be simpler – and to eliminate such intense pain so rapidly and without medication.


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