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by Wal on April 4, 2010

Maggie Adkins: How To Transform – I’m Lonely – With EFT

Most EFT practitioners often get calls from people who are basically saying “I’m Lonely“. Too often they are dealing with issues of weight gain or weight loss, depression, anxiety and trauma, all of which can be treated with EFT. Today my guest blogger, Australian EFT Master, Maggie Adkins, talks about how to deal with those I’m Lonely feelings with EFT. Maggie’s passion is to help people reclaim their lives as authentic, abundant, Infinite Beings. She returned “home” to Australia in June, 2006, after living and teaching EFT in the U.S. for 4 years. During her stay in the US she attended all of Gary Craig’s EFT and Serious Disease conferences. She feels that EFT practitioners owe it to their clients and workshop participants to continue taking the work deeper and deeper for themselves. She says, “We can only work with our clients in their fear and trauma to the extent we have explored our own fears and traumas.”

Maggie Adkins using EFT on I'm Lonely

Am I Ever Lonely?

We were in the second day of the three day retreat when she asked me the question, “Are you ever lonely?”

I heard myself answer before the question registered fully in my mind.

What I heard myself say was, “I don’t know,” as though I have never questioned loneliness and the tentacles that the I’m lonely feeling can weave in our lives.

Clear Deep Seated I’m Lonely Feelings With EFT

Now, contemplating the question and my answer, I can only consider that EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) certainly does live up to its name of being able to clear even the deepest, most entrenched “stuff” brought into our lives in childhood. And that includes I’m lonely stuff.

The I’m Lonely Child

I was a very lonely child. An only child to an alcoholic father who sometimes disappeared for days, and a mother who took tranquilizers at the first hint of an emotion, I had no idea what it was like to feel nurtured or approved of by my parents. They both handled disagreement in the home in different but equally appalling ways. I actually thought that if someone disagreed with you, they could never like you again. Talk about a recipe for relationship madness!! No wonder I lived with that I’m lonely feeling as a child.

I became a chameleon – you know what I mean. I became an expert at figuring out what others might want from me and giving them that so that I might feel approval for a brief time.

Avoiding Lonely Feelings Is Not Dealing With Them

In my twenties, I would have done almost anything (I did say almost) to get attention and be important. Later on I was President of one organization, Secretary of another and on the Board of yet another. I worked 7 days a week most of the time and went 5 years without a vacation. I simply did not know I was worthy of life if I wasn’t DO-ing something – preferably something constructive as in a job or for others.

Human Doings

It had never occurred to me that our species name, “human beings,” may mean that we can just BE and not have to DO. After all, we are not called human doings, are we?

Transform – I’m Lonely – with EFT

The main process that has taken me from I’m lonely, with all of loneliness’s self destructing voices, to being contented and often quite joyous, is EFT.

From Loneliness to Joy

My work is now something I love, not something I have to do to exist. My many passions are known and cared for. They include my love for EFT and the wonderful feelings I receive when my clients improve the quality of their lives, my love for nature (wilderness, beaches, the river, horses), my love of good friendships, a good book and last, but not least – simply feeling joy.

The Power of EFT

So how did I get to where I am from that very lonely child who thought she had to put others before herself at every corner she turned? The thing that stands out as my miracle in action is definitely EFT. One of the things I love best about EFT, other than the fact that it works better than anything else I have ever experienced is that it is truly self empowering. Once learned you can do it for yourself whenever and wherever you want.

Maggie Adkins, EFT Master

Email Maggie: earthwomandreaming@bigpond.com
Ring Maggie: 02 6581 2924
For more information about EFT, go to http://www.maggieadkins.com.au

Maggie Talks About Her EFT Work

Think of how you might feel if you had a gentle yet ever so powerful technique that could help you release I’m lonely feelings or pain in the body, fears, past traumas, ways you sabotage your life – and that’s just the beginning.  Go to http://www.maggieadkins.com.au for more information or to find out how you might learn this fabulous technique (I periodically run quality EFT trainings throughout Australia). You also might want to investigate EFT Weekend Retreats with Maggie, a dedicated, nurturing Transformational experience with EFT and me. What better way for you to deal once and for all with I’m lonely.

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1 Gilannk December 9, 2015 at 9:27 am

For the past two years since I learned the rrbaekamle technique known as EFT, I have been trying to explain it to my friends and tell them what it can do for them. Now I suddenly have a wonderfully readable book that does this for me! Try it On Everything gives all the background and understanding (as well as the teaching) of this method, and in such an inviting fashion that I just have to sit back and let it do its job. Although I know EFT well myself, I also learned a lot more about it from this book. It is chock full of great stories about actual people who have used the method for a wide variety of troublesome issues, something I especially appreciate when I read a book about a technique. I will recommend Try It On Everything to everyone I know who is interested in learning (or learning more) about EFT!


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