EFT Tapping Treatment For Migraine Headaches

by Wal on May 9, 2010

Maggie Adkins: Treating Migraine Headaches With EFT

Migraine headaches are suffered by many in today’s busy world. So often, migraine sufferers also have other conditions to deal with such as problems of weight gain or weight loss, depression, anxiety, sometimes even trauma. Today my guest blogger, Australian EFT Master, Maggie Adkins, talks about how she successfully treated a case of migraine headaches using EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques. Maggie’s passion is to help people reclaim their lives as authentic, abundant, Infinite Beings. She returned “home” to Australia in June, 2006, after living and teaching EFT in the U.S. for 4 years. During her stay in the US she attended all of Gary Craig’s EFT and Serious Disease conferences. She feels that EFT practitioners owe it to their clients and workshop participants to continue taking the work deeper and deeper for themselves. She says, “We can only work with our clients in their fear and trauma to the extent we have explored our own fears and traumas.”

Maggie Adkins using EFT on I'm Lonely

Denise’s Migraine Headaches

Denise came to me for help with her migraine headaches. There were times – many times – when Denise could not function – she called the problem “those terrible migraines.” She said they were the kind of migraine headaches where you can’t get out of bed, can’t think, can’t do anything. The pain she felt totally debilitated her and even stronger and stronger medications were not helping.

Finding The Trigger For The Migraine Headaches

While chatting with her about this problem, I discovered that she could not drink water. When she drank even the smallest amount of water, she got nauseated.  Although I am not a doctor, I immediately related the lack of water in her body to the migraine headaches and suggested EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) as a possibility for getting rid of those terrible migraine headaches. While she thought it “a little weird,” she agreed to give it a try.

Finding The Cause Of The Migraine Headaches

One of the first questions I asked her was, “Do you have any idea why you can’t drink water?” and she proceeded to tell me this story… When she was a child, she wandered away from her family during a picnic. By the time she came back to where the family was waiting, her father was very agitated.  She was very thirsty, but he told her to just get in the car. Several times on the drive home she asked to stop so she could get some water. Each request was greeted with her father yelling that she should have thought of that before she wandered off and kept them waiting.

By the time they got home, she was shaky.  She ran up the back stairs behind her mum, ran into the laundry room, got up on a chair and began throwing water from the laundry tap into her mouth. Her father came in, swatted her off the chair onto the floor yelling “Nobody drinks water like that in this house.” She was sent off to bed with no water or dinner that night.

Treating Denise’s Migraine Headaches With EFT

That was 50 years earlier, but ever since that incident, she could not drink water without getting nauseous. We did EFT on the trauma by her telling the story while doing continual tapping.  Round and round we went with her telling the story over and over. When it got down to about a 3 on the intensity scale, I had her tell it backwards, then I had her tell it using all cartoon characters instead of her and her family. Finally that trauma came to rest at a zero – it didn’t bother her anymore at all.

Testing The Effectiveness Of The EFT Treatment So Far

We could have stopped there, however I wanted to test the results, so I got her a full glass of water. Before she drank it, we did more EFT using my Healing Dialogues with the Body protocol. While doing continual tapping we told the body that we had just cleared that old water trauma and there was no reason to be nauseous or afraid of water anymore. We told the body how important water is and that those nasty migraine headaches were probably from not having enough water. She then drank a few sips, said she really wanted the whole glass, and drank the whole glass of water. We almost held our breath, but the result was no nausea and no migraine headaches.

EFT – Find The Specific Cause

This is an excellent example of a trauma creating strong symptoms in the body that many people may not even relate to the trauma. We made the connection and those migraine headaches simply disappeared. The quick and successful result we had with EFT is easily accomplished when we have a very specific known trauma. EFT also works with just about any kind of problem or belief.

I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t have some sort of trauma hanging around from childhood.  If you learn EFT, there is a good possibility that you can clear that trauma including however it may be sabotaging or stopping you in living the life you want to lead.

Maggie Adkins, EFT Master

Email Maggie: earthwomandreaming@bigpond.com
Ring Maggie: 02 6581 2924
For more information about EFT, go to http://www.maggieadkins.com.au

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1 Judy Timperon July 21, 2010 at 3:35 pm

I really like your website Wal. An excellent article from Maggie. You both always have something to inspire me with.
Her EFT Extravaganzas (this will be her 3rd one) are sensational – huge learnings and a lot of fun. You get to work with international experts and come away from them feeling so light and free.

Judy T


2 Wal July 21, 2010 at 4:55 pm

How do we measure success? In this western world “money” and “wealth” are the usual measures. But Earth Mother and those Beings that are Divine and Higher that are Beloved to Earth Mother don’t have a high regard for money. Their measure of success is of another form. By their measure you are Judy, indeed, very successful. If only they also used this measure of success, those “international experts” would be coming here to see you and other people who are also successful in this special way, as well as coming here to the extravaganza in order to be seen.


3 eft greece September 3, 2011 at 6:07 am

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Thanks again for this wonderful reading!


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