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by Wal on October 17, 2010

EFT  Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Judy Timperon

Today my guest blogger is Judy Timperon who is telling us about the extraordinary EFT Matrix Reimprinting. I first met Judy at an EFT Course run by one of Australia’s illustrious EFT Masters, Maggie Adkins. I was lucky enough to receive an invitation from Judy to attend her fabulous workshop called “Live Your Dream”. In this course she cleverly reminded us to regularly take action to move towards joy in life by asking the right questions and filling our thoughts with pictures and facsimiles of what we want. As I write this I find it difficult to express just how valuable this workshop was and is to me and even though it was a year ago, I am still feeling grateful to Judy for allowing me to attend and I find myself still, daily, using what I learned there.

My EFT Matrix Reimprinting Sessions With Judy

Judy Timperon EFT Matrix Reimprinting

Judy Timperon

Since that time Judy and I have swapped a few EFT sessions, something we both find richly rewarding. Judy has been studying EFT Matrix Reimprinting online after attending a workshop given by the founder, EFT Master, Karl Dawson. Karl ran this EFT Matrix Reimprinting workshop at the EFT Conference in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia, called  EFT Extravaganza 2009. Judy has given me several EFT Matrix Reimprinting sessions and they have all been mind-blowing for me. On one occasion, I was feeling so overwhelmed by the power of the session that I had to ask her to stop before she had finished. I was already in a very deep place within myself and I was concerned that I would not be able to drive back home after the session if I let her take me further. So I made sure the next session I had with Judy was in my own consulting rooms and so I was able to relax and allow Judy take me even deeper.

So here is EFT Matrix Reimprinting in Judy’s own words.

EFT  Matrix Reimprinting

Karl Dawson EFT Matrix Reimprinting

Karl Dawson

EFT Matrix Reimprinting allows people to find core issues and to rewrite their past and transform their future.

EFT Matrix Reimprinting is at the forefront of utilising the latest developments in the New Sciences and quantum physics. It enables people to empower themselves and is the simplest, most effective technique that I know of to bring peace and healing.

This work dramatically improves Health and Wellbeing on all levels.

Note: ECHO = unresolved conflicts, trauma and negative beliefs. These are locked into the subconscious affecting our quality of life.

Although many issues can be dealt with by oneself, core issues, phobias, traumas, grief, abuse etc. are best worked on with a practitioner.

An Example Of Using EFT Matrix Reimprinting With A Client

EFT Matrix Reimprinting Book

EFT Matrix Reimprinting Book – Click Image To Purchase

Jack came to me with grief for his Father – he was in is 50s and his father had died when he was 8yrs old. Jack had many physical ailments, and had a recurring sense of loss over his father – especially on special occasions e.g. anniversaries.

When Jack was 8 his mother ran off with another man.  Dad went to get her, and Jack along with his siblings all pleaded with their Dad not to go. Mum was an alcoholic / abuser and they didn’t want her back. Dad became angry with the children and went off anyway, dying in an accident on the way. Jack has lived with this guilt and trauma for many years.

Jack went on to endure much abuse etc. as a child / teenager from his Mother and her lovers.

We started the session with the usual EFT statements around grief, leading to Jack connecting to his ECHO the 8yr old Jack, who was grief stricken over Dad’s death, guilty that his last contact with Dad was in anger, blaming himself for Dad’s death and fearful of the future.

While I tapped on Jack’s meridian points, Jack imagined tapping on his Echo, releasing him from this trauma. At the appropriate time Dad came into the picture with love and wisdom for Jack and we reimprinted Jack and his Dad with a positive happy energy.

At the end of this session Jack felt calm and at peace.  He rang a few days later to say how peaceful and happy he still felt, knowing he had healed this trauma, and also to reflect how this grief / guilt for his Dad had previously impacted his life. He felt so much freer, and friends had commented to him how well and happy he was looking.

Problems With EFT Matrix Reimprinting (this from Wal)

The main problem with Matrix Reimprinting using EFT is that there are three types of people who benefit from using EFT (ie people who are either Visual, Auditory, or Kinaesthetic)  but there is only one type (Visual) that is suited to Matrix Reimprinting using EFT. When I (Wal) do EFT Matrix Reimprinting on Kinaesthetic people, for example, I have to physically walk them through the process (instead of seeing the process happening in their mind’s eye) and ask them what they are feeling (instead of asking them what they are seeing). This is difficult to do and there are methods of EFT that are more efficient that can help these kinaesthetic people.

Book An EFT Session With Judy

Note that, since the original publication of this article, Judy has improved her EFT practitioner skills and uses other, faster EFT methods now.

Judy Timperon (Adelaide, South Australia)

EFT/Faster EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
Tel: 0439 990980


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1 Wal November 3, 2010 at 2:09 pm

Hi Sharon, thanks for your question about Matrix Reimprinting. I will pass it on to Judy. I guess you are aware that Karl was in Melbourne a few weeks ago.


2 Sharon Reeves November 3, 2010 at 4:34 am

Are you training in matrix reimprinting courses that are certified . How long are these courses and costs please, and dates of next courses run, and are these in Adelaide??




3 Wal November 7, 2010 at 6:43 pm

I am not aware of any but as Karl Dawson gave a course there just a few weeks ago there are definitely some practitioners there. Try googling “eft matrix reimprinting melbourne”.


4 Wal November 10, 2010 at 2:42 pm

As far as I know, Judy has no plans to travel to your beautiful state in the near future but maybe there is someone near you that is just as proficient at Matrix Reimprinting.


5 Wal November 10, 2010 at 3:10 pm

They say that the unconscious mind remembers everything and, to the unconscious, everything that ever happened to us is happening now. Therefore, it is important to de-fuse those events so that they don’t continue to impact our lives adversely. As Matrix Reimprinting might say, those events are still radiating into the matrix, setting up further events of a similar vibration.


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