EFT Extravaganza Australia 2011

by Wal on October 3, 2010

4 Fabulous Presenters

4 Fabulous Days

1 Fabulous Location

EFT Extravaganza is a celebration of Emotional Freedom Techniques brought to you by one of Australia’s EFT Masters, Maggie Adkins. Assisting her this time in Port Macquarie will be three other EFT Masters. The EFT Extravaganza is Australia’s premier event for EFT. During an EFT Extravaganza¬† you can expect to learn more about EFT and how to combine EFT with other healing and life transforming methods to make extra-powerful healing and transformations that may assist you to heal yourself and others. You will meet many like-minded people from Australia and other countries, some of whom may become your new life-long friends. Many attendees from previous EFT Extravaganzas say that it was life changing for them.

What is EFT?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom techniques.  Founded by Gary Craig, EFT is a very straight-forward system of healing that works to reduce the stress that is often behind the diseases and performance issues that we have. There are now many scientific studies that show it works to resolve health, psychological and performance issues, including studies using the latest technology MRI scans that show permanent beneficial changes in the way the brain functions. EFT has often been found to be of benefit when other more traditional methods have not worked. The best thing about EFT is that it is a powerful therapy that can be quickly and easily learned and used.

What Can You Expect At The EFT Extravaganza?

  • 4 glorious days of learning, healing and laughter in a live environment
  • 4 highly credentialed and experienced EFT Masters
  • get your questions answered by experts
  • watch demonstrations with the Masters
  • experience the Port Macquarie Sunset
  • practice what you learn to insure your ability to take all those new skills home with you for your own use

Who Can Attend The EFT Extravaganza?

It is open to anyone with an interest in EFT. Attending will be Four EFT Masters, numerous highly successful EFT Practitioners, and many people who are looking for healing or who have been transformed by EFT and who want to experience more. Those people who are looking for healing may find the 4 days of the EFT Extravaganza to be far cheaper than the same amount of healing they would get from individual sessions in a clinic.

So who can attend?

  • EFT Masters and EFT practitioners from Australia and around the world
  • Everyone who sees EFT as a means of healing themselves
  • Everyone who sees EFT as a means of transforming themselves
  • Everyone who wants to learn more about EFT
  • People from the Port Macquarie community (within an hour or two drive, say) who see the potential for using EFT to make their community even better

Assistance will be provided for anyone unfamiliar with how to do EFT in the form of a 15 minute training session prior to the start of the event. Otherwise, if you have watched an EFT DVD, or listened to EFT audios, or attended EFT workshops then you are already qualified to attend without further instruction. If you would like to read up about EFT before the event, then email Maggie Adkins and she will send you a free 89 page EFT e-manual. Otherwise, you might like to consider purchasing one or more of the EFT books and videos available in the right hand column of this web site.

Live Your Best Life – EFT Extravaganza Theme For 2011

This Extravaganza’s workshop theme is Live Your Best Life: Finding Your Voice and Speaking Your Truth, with Loretta Sparks and Rue Hass – both talented EFT Masters from the U.S. Rehana Webster and Maggie Adkins will also give talks and demonstrations. Whether you are a seasoned, talented and professional EFT practitioner or you are someone who cares deeply about their own healing and the healing of your friends and family, EFT Extravaganza has something for you !!


This EFT Extravaganza will be blessed with no less than 4 world renowned EFT Masters.

  • Maggie Adkins
  • Rehana Webster
  • Rue Hass
  • Loretta Sparks

EFT Master Maggie Adkins

Maggie Adkins

EFT Master Rehana Webster

Rehana Webster

EFT Master Rue Hass

Rue Hass

EFT Master Loretta Sparks

Loretta Sparks



  • an afternoon TAP ALONG with 4 EFT Masters leading the way
  • a free sunset cruise
  • dancing to Oldies but Goodies with Port Macquarie’s best known DJ
  • free gifts upon registration
  • 24 Continuing Professional Development units for AAMET Practitioners and Trainers
  • and much much more

Is EFT Extravaganza for you?

  • IF you have longed to talk into the night with like minded tappers,
  • IF you have felt isolated without tapping partners or mentors,
  • IF you have wondered how others create a full time EFT business,
  • IF you want higher success rates for yourself and your clients,
  • IF you want to build lasting friendships within the tapping community,
  • IF you’d love to tap through your blocking beliefs in a supportive, nurturing and safe environment

EFT Extravaganza is for you !!

Where? – Magnificent Location – Port Macquarie

This year’s location is Quality Inn Sails Resort on the Hastings River in beautiful Port Macquarie.


4-7 March 2011

Booking, Travel, Accommodation Details

Contact – Maggie Adkins

If you have questions, be sure to email or call Maggie.


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1 Jo Carey-Bradshaw November 19, 2010 at 5:55 am

You have made this conference sound irresistable; ‘Live your Best Life” sounds ideal. And to top it off, as I was scrolling down the page, one of your side ad.s flashed up to ‘freedom from dental fears’. As one who had a dentist literally stick his knee on my chest to hold me on the chair when I was small, this ad alone would inspire me to learn how to live my best life. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


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