Our Book Words of Power

Using Words of Power with EFT

Celestial Words of Power give you a fast and safe path to spiritual growth, spiritual healing, and enlightenment. If you look at the web page about Celestial Tapping Techniques, you will find out how to combine Words of Power with  EFT and meridian tapping to bring about rapid spiritual healing, spiritual growth and enlightenment in a way you could call Spiritual EFT. If you want to explore this further you will need our e-book, ‘Words of Power, Resonance for The Golden Age‘. The cost is AU$25.00 – click on the Buy Now button towards the bottom  of this page.

Programs for Spiritual Transformation

In this book, Words of Power, look out for 3 programs that you can tap into your EFT points with expectations of empowering results. They are ‘Program for Comfortable Childbirth’ for pregnant women, ‘Program for Creating Passion for Life and Passion for Joy’, and, for anyone who has read the publications and has become convinced that this is the path for them, ‘The Grand Program for Transformation’.

Spiritual Transformation along your Sacred Path

By itself, The Grand Program for Transformation will create significant ongoing change for the whole of your life. It has the power to vastly transform your spirit. To thoroughly instal the program, simply tap it in to the EFT points while reading it out loud ten times. By itself, it is worth lifetimes of meditation in terms of the beneficial spiritual transformation it can generate over a lifetime. It does this by persistently leading you along your Sacred Path and bringing you back if you tend to slip off. I know of dozens of people who have spent thousands of dollars travelling to exotic places like India and South East Asia to meditate for just a week. How much would you pay for something that would give you the actual benefit of a lifetime’s meditation? $1000? $10000? Well the good news is that The Grand Program for Transformation is included in this Words of Power e-book that only costs AU$25.

Rapid Spiritual Growth with Words of Power

You only have to install The Grand Program for Transformation once in your whole life, ie, one series of 10 readings taking about 4 hours total. If you combine The Grand Program for Transformation with the regular tapping in of Celestial Words of Power, you have a formula for very rapid spiritual growth indeed. After each reading of the program you will find there are words of power for you to resonate.

Clearing Negativity With Words Of Power

I won’t go into this in any detail here but you can clear negativity with Celestial Words Of  Power. I read stories of teams of priests exhausting themselves over hours and days trying to clear demons and so forth using their fairly ineffective Roman Catholic techniques. In the process they often do damage to their clients. Celestial Words Of Power make the process quick and easy. You will need to buy the book and also follow the instructions here.

Read this first:-

Important Information for buying and downloading the eBook
1. Click on the Buy Now button – this will take you to PayPal to make payment
2. After making the payment, PayPal will give you a new page that has on it a button that says Return to Personal Transformation
3. Click this button to go to the download page
4. If you miss step 3. then email me at janandwal@yahoo.com and I will send you the link at the next opportunity (which won’t be until the next time that I read my emails)

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1 Philani Shezi June 11, 2011 at 10:26 pm

A book I would like to have especially in my unemployment status. How much is it it in South African rands? Just started with kinisiology and excited.


2 Wal June 12, 2011 at 12:41 am

Approximately 180 ZAR.


3 Richard Colum August 2, 2011 at 7:09 am

There are some good people in the RC world and people that do a lot for you and me Wal.
I don’t think it was appropriate for you to single out one religion over the other.
In all areas of religion there is bad ways. It s up to the honest to stand up and make things right. Yes I’m Catholic and proud to be, I do not like the people that have done us wrong.

I of all people can stand here with my hand on my heart. I faced adversity as a child because of the strong way that I was treated in the schooling but never did I blame my religion. I blamed the people that made the mistakes, being untrue to what they put themselves there for is what i find very hard to comprehend.
I’m open to all means of empowerment for the right to peace for all. I will pray for it and even use your method as well Wall if only we could all pull together and not compete to see who has the best method.
What do you say Wal lets pull together and make this world a better place.
Richard Colum recently posted..Understanding the Australian Home Valuation ProcessMy Profile


4 Wal August 4, 2011 at 2:23 am

I have no knowledge of the exorcism practices of other religions and so I am limited to what knowledge I have of Roman Catholicism. My comments here are about what I have read of exorcisms performed by Roman Catholic priests. If you read what I said again you will discover that I am not being critical of Roman Catholicism in general, but critical only of their exorcism technique. Some people have died from exorcism! Others have been physically and/or emotionally harmed! I offer here a technique that takes minutes and is totally harmless to the person receiving the exorcism.


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