Books and Resources

If you are interested in furthering your understanding of EFT or using EFT to further progress along your path of self development, here are some valuable resources for you.

Words of Power

If you look at the web page called ‘Spiritual Tapping’, you will find out how to use EFT and meridian tapping to bring about rapid spiritual healing, spiritual growth and enlightenment. If you want to explore this further you will need our e-book, ‘Words of Power, Resonance for The Golden Age’. For more information, click here.

The Path to Divinity

The Path to Divinity’ contains guidance, Apex Knowledge, Highest Wisdom, transmitted from high, divine beings to assist you along your Sacred Path to Divinity and beyond. It is uplifting in a whole being sense, including spiritually, and shares information designed to help you to awaken your Divinity. You will also learn about powerful ways you can contribute to the healing of the Earth, and healing all life within and without the Earth, and ways you can contribute powerfully to planetary evolution in these challenging times. For more information, click here.