Tapping For Chronic Illness (Also Utilising Healer Tapping While You Sleep)

by Wal on June 13, 2013

My wife, Jan, has been helping someone with chronic illness and sent this email to her recommending EFT tapping therapy. In this email, Jan suggests using a technique that I have not seen suggested by EFT practitioners before. Jan is noted for her many ‘firsts’  with respect to self development processes, and here she does it again! Note, this is an excerpt from her actual email, so it differs from a standard article.

Here are some ideas on some of the many different ways EFT can be used to treat chronic illness:


You can tap on the depletion feelings.  What is the depletion feeling like?  How strong is that feeling out of 10?  Where do you feel this feeling in the body? What’s it like, (what’s it feel like, sound like, look like, taste like, smell like) describe the depletion feeling in as much detail as you can as you tap,  eg is it heavy or light, dark/light, hard/soft, loud/quiet, salty/sweet, etc.


You can tap on a metaphor for the feeling (I remember I used to feel a very familiar depleted feeling that felt like it was “sucking the life out of me”.  I tapped on “this sucking the life out of me feeling” which felt really horrible, it was 8 out of 10 when I started and then rose to 10 out of 10 and felt quite frightening, but I continued to tap and it dropped to 4, then 2 then disappeared.  When a feeling peaks like this to 10, there is nothing to fear because it will diminish and then disappear.  This is the way with energy, with emotions, they rise, they peak, they drop they disappear, leaving you feeling feeling free and at peace. Metaphors like this are very useful to tap on when there is no memory of an event.

Imagine Tapping

Not sure if you are physically tapping or also tapping in your mind.  If you are feeling physically depleted tapping, it is possible to alternatively imagine tapping on the points so you do not even have to raise your arms, no need to physically tap.  If you fall asleep doing this, that’s ok.

Healer Tapping While You Sleep

Perhaps it would be helpful to imagine your favorite healer is tapping on you, there is no limitation, so whoever you think has the power to heal you is available to you.  Here is an idea, when you go to bed at night, why not ask for healing? Invite the best most beneficial most powerful divine healer to come to you while you sleep, and tap on all your issues, the pain, the suffering, the forgotten traumatic memories, to bring you peace and comfort and happiness. This can happen all through the night while you sleep peacefully and the body rests and allows the healing to happen without any effort from you at all.

Some Tapping ideas

Some ideas for tapping, which you may have already thought of,

Even though I am not remembering specific events…… I love and accept myself
Even though the memories are not always clear, it doesn’t matter because everything releases so beautifully
Even though it’s possible that I don’t want to remember, I’m open to the possibility that remembering will free me from suffering, and bring me peace
Even though I haven’t always felt safe, I am aware of being safe right now, at this moment

Wondering also if you would find it helpful to look at some of the questions we used before.  Do you still have the list of questions?  I am happy to send you another list if you would like one.  However, I trust your intuition on this, so whatever you choose to do is perfect for you.  I can fondly remember some of the questions and have suggested some new ones below.  If you do not choose to do this, that’s fine, please trust yourself, I trust that whatever you choose is perfect for you.

Tapping While Asking Healing Questions

Why am I so happy and relaxed?  I love it 🙂
Why am I at peace with myself and all the world?  It’s wonderful!
Why has the pain gone and left me so happy?  I’m so blessed.
Why does life love and cherish me?
Why am I attracting into my life all the people and events that benefit me in every way?
Why is my inner child feeling so loved and cherished, healed and happy?  Wow, Life is so beautiful.
Who am I without fear and desire?
What would it be like to feel like the luckiest woman in the world?
What would it feel like to know that nothing is missing from my life and nothing is wrong with me?
What would it feel like to live in the certainty that something wonderful is going to happen, that something wonderful is happening?
What would it feel like to experience ….X(add your choice)X……just as a way of being in the world (whatever you want to experience, eg. trust, bliss, joy, freedom, peace, confidence, miracles, divine beauty)

Hope you find this helpful.  Let me know if you have any queries or seek any clarification.
I am interested to hear your experiences and thoughts.


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1 Sinead mc carron August 15, 2015 at 3:30 am

I am hoping to tap to assist me in healing my cancer..it’s came at me fast and furious 3 times in 3 yrs.i need another approach to take it on other than conventional medicines,I long for a healthy happy future with my son and partner..enlightenment maybe my way forward.could you pls recommend some tapping affirmations or help for me.
Much appreciated.
Sinead mc Carron.


2 Wal August 15, 2015 at 6:51 pm

Hi Sinead, I am sorry to hear about the serious troubles you are experiencing at the moment. EFT can definitely help in a number of ways. You can use EFT to help yourself and you can use EFT to help those who love you to deal with their issues that your illness is giving them.

The difficulty in telling people how to deal with serious illness using EFT is that each person has a different set of issues to deal with. In order to use EFT powerfully on your illness you would need to identify what has been contributing to the problem and release that using EFT. A highly qualified EFT practitioner would be useful here. Maggie Adkins recently reversed her diseased knee and also a cataract in an eye using EFT. See http://maggieadkins.com.au/articles.html for more information.

You might be able to come up with solutions using a technique that I use sometimes. The EFT setup is as follows “Even though I don’t know the answer to (this problem), the solution is being revealed to me”. I repeat this many times until I get an answer. The longest it has taken for me to get an answer using this method is about an hour. So you could, for instance, tap on “Even though I don’t know how to get rid of the cancer, the answer is being revealed to me”. Then the reminder phrase is “the answer is being revealed to me”. When the answer comes, write it down, and then do EFT on it if you can.

If you have been reading my website and noticed the spiritual EFT and would like to try that, I would recommend something like “Even though my body isn’t yet fully healed, I am powerfully healing myself” and then use the Divine Word of Power SHA-NAA (heal thyself) to tap into each of the points. Repeat this many times.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions.



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