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Chart For Emotional Freedom Techniques

This chart illustrates the Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT Tapping points and it is a brief introduction to EFT Tapping. This Emotional Freedom Techniques Chart shows all of the points that I use. I use more points than most practitioners do because, unlike most EFT practitioners, I monitor the state of each point (each meridian) as it is tapped. In this way I can identify whether or not the meridian has an energy disruption within it. If it does, then we tap the point until the disruption clears. If the energy disruption does not clear with EFT tapping then some other action may be required first. This is where other EFT Practitioners can encounter difficulties, or where doing EFT for yourself may not work, or where people who say that EFT doesn’t work for them might get their evidence.

If you can do this energy monitoring technique you can sometimes achieve better or faster results with Emotional Freedom Techniques because you are not totally dependent upon the client to tell you verbally when a series of tapping on something is complete. Instead, you get feedback directly from the client’s system as to when it is complete, thus giving valuable information in addition to the subjective response of the client.

You can open a .pdf version of the EFT Tapping Points here and a .pdf version of the Spiritual EFT Tapping Points here.

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Emotional Freedom Techniques

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