Vacation Time – What To Do When Wal Is Away On Holidays

by Wal on June 30, 2012

At the time of writing this I am taking a few weeks off to vacation somewhere, to relax in nature, or just to get away from it all. When some people take holidays they like to stay in a high class hotel like the Sebel Playford Hotel in Adelaide or the Sheraton on the Park Hotel in Sydney. But high cost hotels aren’t really my scene. You would more likely find me lying on the beach in some nice resort at the Whitsundays or maybe a resort at Nusa Dua in Bali, Indonesia or a resort at Koh Samui in Thailand. Even more likely, you may find me walking on a nature trail or sitting under a tree, admiring the view, attuning with nature.

Who Do You See For EFT When Wal Is Not Available?

Anyway, enough of dreaming of wonderful holiday destinations. Who do you see if I am not available? There are two EFT practitioners for whom I have total admiration. They are Maggie Adkins and Judy Timperon (see below for contact details etc.).

Maggie Adkins, EFT Founding Master

EFT Master Maggie AdkinsMaggie Adkins is one of 26 practising EFT Masters in the world and we are so lucky to have her right here in Australia where she teaches EFT and gives EFT sessions. Maggie lives near the fabulous tourist resort town of Port Macquarie, in northern NSW, Australia. Maggie Adkins is most notably famous for being able to perform top quality EFT over the phone (she pays for the phone calls). Her phone call sessions have several big advantages over in-person sessions, not the least of which is that her phone call sessions often work better than other practitioners’ in-person sessions.

Main Advantages Of Maggie’s Phone Sessions

  • Maggie Adkins pays for the phone call if you are in Australia (and also many other countries – check with Maggie)
  • You don’t have to drive anywhere (cost of petrol and travelling time can add up to a significant extra cost per session)
  • Phone sessions with Maggie are often more productive than in-person sessions with other practitioners (when I do phone sessions I find I can tune into things with greater clarity, not visually distracted, and Maggie reports a similar experience. This can result in a more powerful session).
  • Maggie is an EFT Master with broad experience and wields EFT with amazing power

Maggie Adkins is highly qualified, and not only is she one of the most highly qualified EFT exponents in the world, she has also trained in related fields. Maggie has studied extensively with EFT founder, Gary Craig over the last 14 years. She says, “My passion is self empowerment. I love to see what empowers me and then share that with you.”

Maggie Adkins teaches all levels of AAMET’s EFT trainings, each with its own world wide certification. She also teaches an EFT version of Train the Trainer. Her client base is world wide. While many people at first are doubtful of phone consultations, Maggie says phone sessions are about 95% of her work with clients. She suggests people be open to the possibility of phone sessions being at least as successful as in person sessions. She says, “If you feel you want to work with me, but aren’t sure of the phone consultation, let’s make an appointment and, if, 15 minutes into it, you are not pleased with the process, let me know and I will not charge you.”

As far as areas of special interest, Maggie has practiced, taught and demonstrated EFT in a wide variety of areas. She says, “After 14 years of EFT, it is difficult to name a specialty area. I guess my specialty is EFT!”

Contact Maggie Adkins
02 6559 4564 and 0420 314 837

If you want to visit Maggie Adkins then I recommend thinking about staying at the Rydges Hotel (formerly Four Points by Sheraton) in Port Macquarie.

Judy Timperon (Glenelg, South Australia)

Judy Timperon EFT Matrix Reimprinting

If you need an in-person session then I recommend travelling to Glenelg, a beach-side suburb of Adelaide, South Australia, to see Judy Timperon. Everyone I have spoken to about their sessions with Judy are full of praise for her. Judy Timperon and I have swapped sessions on many occasions and I am very impressed with her all round skills. Judy is a delightful person and generally has a long waiting list, so book early. Judy works from a lovely house just a short walk from beautiful Glenelg Beach so take a picnic hamper so that after your EFT session you can relax by the sea under the pines with the seagulls.

Contact Judy Timperon

EFT / Matrix Reimprinting / Faster EFT Practitioner / EFT Trainer
Tel: 0439 990 980

If you are not from Adelaide and you want to visit Judy Timperon then I recommend you stay just a few minutes walk away at the Stamford Grand Adelaide Hotel at Glenelg.


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