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by Wal on November 25, 2013

EFT Adelaide SAThis is the website of Wal Heinrich at EFT Adelaide SA. I am an EFT practitioner. EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, which is sometimes called EFT tapping therapy. I practice EFT in Blackwood SA, which is a suburb of Adelaide, Australia. People come to me for all sorts of reasons. Some come just once because, quite often, that is all it takes for EFT to fix even major issues. Some come as often as every week or two because they always find something to deal with during the intervening one to two weeks and they want to keep at the top of their game.

Why See Me At EFT Adelaide SA?

Why EFT? Because EFT often works when other techniques fail and because EFT works so fast. I have witnessed people suffering from depression, PTSD, pain, the effects of chemotherapy, fears and phobias, and many other health related conditions, feel a lot better at the end of their EFT session. People with performance issues at sport or public speaking, people with relationship issues with family members or at work, people with difficulty achieving their next level of business success, have gone on to overcome their issues to achieve success, all in just a few sessions of EFT.

Why come here to EFT Adelaide SA for an EFT session instead of somewhere else? Why not go to one of the other highly qualified EFT practitioners in Adelaide or one of the EFT practitioners interstate or overseas that do sessions by phone or Skype? (By the way, I also do EFT sessions by phone and Skype). I have done EFT training with a number of the other EFT practitioners in Adelaide and, in my opinion, they are all very worthy EFT practitioners. So, if they are closer to you, by all means see them. The advantages of seeing me are:-

  • I am able to sense energy disruptions (and this is something that is rare amongst EFT practitioners around the world). This means I can often work faster than other EFT practitioners who have to waste time to explore tapping on meridians that don’t have any disruptions on them.
  • Because I can detect whether or not there are remaining energy disruptions that may exist below the level of consciousness, we can weed out hidden disruptions that might otherwise surface at a later date. This means you are able to get a very thorough EFT session with me.
  • Sometimes the reason why other EFT practitioners can’t clear things is because they are unable to deal with spiritual issues that may arise. EFT deals with energy. Some of the energy is spiritual energy. Sometimes this spiritual energy refuses to leave with just tapping the EFT points alone. I use Words of Power along with tapping to clear this recalcitrant spiritual energy.
  • Because of the speed at which I work I can often address up to five problems during a session. For instance, someone might say “My five biggest problems are 1. my daughter is always misbehaving, 2. I am stressed at work, 3. I am worried about the future, 4. I want to feel more confident playing sport, 5. I have nagging back pain. For a list of possible problems or if you need a reminder of what problems you might have, click EFT For
  • This high speed at which I work is also useful if you wish me to assist you with your Personal Peace Procedure (many EFT users have found the Personal Peace Procedure eliminated a host of their life problems).
  • Sometimes I can work with several people at the same time if they have the same problem (for instance a married couple). This saves time and money. Likewise, I can work with groups too.
  • To work through your personal Peace Procedure you list all of the events you have experienced and people you have dealt with in your life that you still feel uncomfortable about, and then you use EFT until you are at peace with them all.
  • Even though most of the time we can deal with problems very quickly, I often find that when problems stem from events at a very early age (say less than six months of age) several sessions may be needed in order to thoroughly clear all the causative events.
  • I also have considerable expertise at muscle testing and I can utilise muscle testing for a wide range of uses to identify related issues and to generally support the EFT process.
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EFT Therapy Examples

Here are some interesting EFT therapy examples showing the benefits of EFT based on some of EFT Adelaide SA clients’ stories from the few weeks prior to writing this:-

Client ‘A’ has been coming to EFT Adelaide SA for 15 years. His marriage was breaking up, he didn’t have a job, education up to year 12 high school. He is now happily re-married, has completed a Doctorate degree, and is a world renowned scientist who gets free trips around the world several times a year to lecture about his work. Of course, this client began seeing me prior to my first practicing EFT, but he made significant progress using EFT.

Client ‘B’ has been coming to EFT Adelaide SA 3 years. A professional who had major problems at work, major relationship issues, and who was struggling with his amateur sport. He is now very happy at work and has multiple high level awards in his sport, and has a new, loving relationship. (Yes, EFT can improve your sport performance!)

Client ‘C’ came to EFT Adelaide SA a few months ago. He is highly successful in marketing to individuals and small groups. He made his company millions and took home $200K himself and the company wanted him to give a speech to hundreds of his peers to speak of his success. Having to make a speech to a large gathering terrified him.  After a few sessions of EFT with me he made his speech and it was highly successful.

Client ‘D’ is an entrepreneur who had some possible deals coming up but they were challenging her and she felt too blocked to pursue them. We used a few rounds of EFT tapping until it felt to both of us that the blockage had cleared. A few days ago she told me that whatever we did to unblock her worked and she just signed three contracts and now stands to make millions as a result.

Client ‘E’ had been unable to work for 3 years because of PTSD after she was savagely attacked by thugs while at work. She had been to numerous doctors, psychiatrists, alternative practitioners etc. without success. After just ten minutes of EFT tapping she announced that she was cured of her PTSD.

Client ‘F’ was so successful at selling their products that his company decided to send him to Europe to collect an award. This destination required three plane trips to get there and another three plane trips to get back. But the client had claustrophobia and was terrified of elevators and planes. After a few sessions of EFT tapping, he was ready to do a test run and successfully flew from Adelaide to Sydney and back. A few weeks later he knocked on the door here at EFT Adelaide SA and presented me with a kilogram block of chocolate made in the country where he received his award.

See us here at EFT Adelaide SA if you are seeking greater belief in yourself.

What Is EFT?

Many people struggling with emotional, mental, and physical issues and performance problems have asked themselves, “What is EFT?” and, “Will EFT benefit me?” Because many holistic practices come and go, it can be difficult to determine which ones are actually beneficial. The following information will be helpful to those who need clear answers about exactly what EFT tapping has to offer.

See us here at EFT Adelaide SA if you are seeking greater self confidence.

What Does EFT Stand For?

EFT is an abbreviation for ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’. You will sometimes see EFT referred to as ‘EFT Tapping’ or just ‘Tapping’. Sometimes you will see the acronym ‘MTT’ which stands for ‘Meridian Therapy Techniques’ in which case EFT is one of the therapy methods that comes under MTT.

See us here at EFT Adelaide SA if you are seeking treatment for insomnia.

Psychological Acupressure

The meridian therapy called Acupuncture has been used for more than five thousand years as a treatment for emotional and physical ailments. EFT is sometimes described as a type of ‘psychological acupressure’ or ‘needle-less acupuncture’ and the practice is based on the same philosophies you see with conventional Acupuncture therapy. However, the treatment is noninvasive, as needles are not used to complete the therapy. Instead of needles, the holistic practitioner taps on key areas of the patient’s body. This is done in conjunction with words and phrases that the client is instructed to speak during the session. These key areas are mostly the points at the ends of acupuncture meridians. In Acupuncture, all meridian points are used, not just the end ones.

See us here at EFT Adelaide SA if you are seeking treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD.

Does EFT Work?

Yes! EFT works! One of the EFT sayings is, ‘EFT often works when all else has failed’. Even EFT novices report an 80% success rate. There are now millions of people who have benefited from EFT. There are numerous clinical studies. We have hundreds of delighted clients at EFT Adelaide SA who have been helped by EFT.
American Psychological Association journal Review of General Psychology states:-

A literature search identified 50 peer-reviewed papers that report or investigate clinical outcomes following the tapping of acupuncture points to address psychological issues. The 17 randomized controlled trials in this sample were critically evaluated for design quality, leading to the conclusion that they consistently demonstrated strong effect sizes and other statistical results that far exceed chance after relatively few treatment sessions. Criteria for evidence-based treatments proposed by Division 12 of the American Psychological Association were also applied and found to be met for a number of conditions, including PTSD.

EFT Studies And Research

For a list of over twenty scientific studies and research papers on EFT click here.

EFT Basic Procedure

We at EFT Adelaide SA have been doing EFT long enough to know that the basic procedure for doing EFT changes every few years, depending on the changing desires of the founder of EFT, Gary Craig. At the time of writing this article the latest basic procedure for ‘Gold Standard EFT’ can be found by going to Gary’s website at emofree.com. At one time the EFT basic procedure was similar to that shown in the following EFT Tapping Chart. The number of points to be tapped varies from time to time. I tap all of the points shown because I am able to be aware of the level of energy disruption in each point and I am always curious to find out what is happening at each point, because it all means something.

See us here at EFT Adelaide SA if you are seeking help with sports performance.

EFT Tapping Chart

Here is an EFT tapping chart, created here at EFT Adelaide SA, that shows the EFT tapping points and the basic setup instructions. Note that the ‘UN’ point (or sometimes it is called ‘UB’) is really at the end of the eighth rib. For a downloadable chart of EFT Tapping Points in pdf format click here.

EFT Tapping Chart

A Fresh Prospective

EFT breathes fresh air into traditional therapy by borrowing ancient techniques from the Chinese acupuncture meridian system. Although the acupuncture meridian system mainly centers on ailments of a physical nature, EFT primarily focuses on emotional problems. However, patients often realize that when their emotional problems are cleared up, physical issues disappear as well. EFT is often successful when conventional therapies fail. This may be due to the fact that traditional treatments do not uncover the underlying problems that are causing a person’s distressing symptoms. Those who have tried conventional therapies only to be disappointed will be very pleased to discover that emotional freedom techniques are not difficult to learn, and offer a world of benefits for the right person. In fact, many people have discovered that such therapy can free them from negative emotions, food cravings, addiction, and pain. It is also one of the best ways for a person to implement positive goals, and eventually achieve his or her dreams. See us at EFT Adelaide SA.

See us here at EFT Adelaide SA if you are seeking help with on stage performance.

What is EFT and How Can it Help?

The objective of emotional freedom techniques is to essentially remove whatever is blocking, disrupting, or interfering with the body’s bio-energy system at an emotional level. When this energy is restored, the balance of the body and mind is restored as well, which is imperative regarding the healing of emotional distress. It is believed by some that a broad range of physical and mental problems, including substance abuse, chronic pain and obesity, are the direct result of negative emotions that disrupt the normal flow of energy in a person’s body. Until this problem is addressed, it is thought that this energy problem will continue to negatively affect the person’s life on a long-term basis. For this reason, those who want to break this pattern are wise to consider all the benefits associated with EFT therapy. We give your energy system top quality help here at EFT Adelaide SA.

See us here at EFT Adelaide SA if you are seeking treatment for stress.

Why Meridian Disturbances Occur

Disturbances in the meridian system often come from underlying emotional issues that were never addressed. This results in the disruption of the energy flow. EFT therapy is designed to break through these energy disruptions and bring about balance. The process is completed through the use of a basic two-step approach:

The practitioner taps specific meridian points on the client’s body (or the practitioner taps on him/herself while the client copies the practitioner and also taps on the same points on their own body) with his or her fingertips (pointer finger and middle fingers are most used for doing the tapping). At the same time, the patient repeats the words the practitioner uses. The practitioner might say, for example, “Tap where I tap and say what I say”. This combination of tapping and words appears to unblock the patient’s bio-energy and bring balance to the mind and body. Because these techniques work quickly, they can often accomplish what traditional therapy takes years to achieve. You could say that EFT heals emotional issues by essentially undoing the damage caused by negative events in the past. We here at EFT Adelaide SA are very proficient at removing meridian disturbances.

See us here at EFT Adelaide SA if you are seeking treatment for high blood pressure.

Conventional Psychotherapy Versus EFT

As previously mentioned, EFT tapping often produces positive results at a much faster rate than traditional treatments. With conventional counseling or psychoanalysis, patients are guided to discover the underlying causes of their emotional distress and implement new behaviors that are positive. However, most people find that they do not have sufficient willpower to create new behavioral patterns and sustain an emotionally healthy life. In other words, the person may still feel an urge to behave according to the former negative patterns that were established before therapy was sought. This makes the process slow and difficult, and because it can take years to progress to a happy state of mind, many individuals simply give up. Even people who have had previous contact with EFT often report that the unique EFT Techniques used by EFT Adelaide SA, means they achieve more at EFT Adelaide SA.

See us here at EFT Adelaide SA if you are seeking help with any and all emotional issues.

The Advantages of EFT Tapping Therapy

After each issue is addressed through emotional freedom techniques, patients feel an immediate difference. This is not typically the case with conventional therapy which must be participated in on a long-term basis before a person actually feels different on the inside. After just one EFT session, however, most people feel changed, and notice that they do not have the urge to embrace their old, unhealthy behavioral patterns. When this internal conflict is eliminated, as is the case with EFT, the person is free to change his or her behavior without feeling as if underlying emotions or compulsions are constantly trying to sabotage his or her efforts. Quite simply, the struggle is over. EFT tapping therapy is helpful for those facing a vast array of emotional problems. These include panic attacks and anxiety, stress, insomnia, low self-esteem, post traumatic stress disorder PTSD, depression, grief and guilt. In many cases, those who have been rejected by a partner or suffered a bereavement benefit immensely from such therapy as well. If you suffer from any of these sorts of things, please come and see us at EFT Adelaide SA.

Additional Benefits Of EFT

In addition to the problems outlined above, there are other issues that can be resolved through emotional freedom techniques. These include phobias, eating disorders, and substance abuse. As most people would agree, problems such as these can negatively affect, or even destroy, a person’s life. It is a well-known fact that traditional treatments for such issues often fail, but a growing number of patients have stated that EFT has offered a solution when conventional therapies could not. Problems such as substance abuse, phobias and eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia nervosa almost always stem from an underlying emotional problem. When EFT is embraced, the emotional struggle resulting in such problems is eliminated, thus allowing the person to access his or her will power and positive energy in order to change negative behavioral patterns. See us at EFT Adelaide SA if you have any of these issues.

Physical Disorders and EFT Tapping

Chronic pain, allergies, and autoimmune conditions are things that many individuals deal with on a daily basis. Such disorders frequently lead to depression, as the symptoms with which they are associated often have no remedy. For this reason, many people who suffer from conditions of this type develop emotional disorders as well. Fortunately, EFT therapy is highly beneficial for sufferers of physical problems, as well as for those who suffer from mental or emotional issues. Clients who have participated in this type of therapy for conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, or irritable bowel syndrome have often reported positive results after just one session. It is thought that the reason for this is because after one’s bioenergy is restored and imbalances in the patient’s system eliminated, he or she can better fight the symptoms of the disorder. Such chronic conditions are difficult to treat even with EFT but, here at EFT Adelaide SA, we have had success in reducing symptoms and giving sufferers positive strategies for coping better with their illnesses and living a happier and more fulfilling life.

See us here at EFT Adelaide SA if you are seeking treatment for depression.

Enhancing Relationships and Achieving Goals

It is important to understand that the benefits of emotional freedom techniques do not stop at those listed above. Many people have participated in this type of therapy to improve intimacy and relationships, or to assist them to achieve academic, employment, and financial goals. Still others have enjoyed enhanced performance in sports or artistic activities after participating in such therapy. Those who work as public speakers or salespersons have also reported similar benefits. We find here, at EFT Adelaide SA, that when you resolve the problems in one area of your life, there is a flow on to other areas as well.

See us here at EFT Adelaide SA if you are seeking help with relationship issues.

Why EFT is Highly Effective

The principles on which emotional freedom therapy is based are not new. They have been used for centuries in the Eastern world, with exceptionally positive results. EFT has only recently been embraced by practitioners in the Western world, and many conventional health care professionals still disregard the many advantages associated with such therapy.

The electromagnetic energy flowing through the human body regulates health and well-being in many ways. In its simplest form, EFT involves tapping with one’s fingertips on ten acupuncture points. The tapping can be self administered, or performed by a practitioner. Many people prefer employing an EFT practitioner to assist them as it allows them to focus more fully on the troublesome issue believed to be causing the problem. For example, energy disturbances are often the result of painful memories. These can be a romantic breakup, rejection by peers as a child, or more serious issues such as childhood abuse or traumatic experiences in a war. If any of these apply to you, visit us at EFT Adelaide SA and we will expertly help you to get over them.

Disturbances in the Body’s Energy System

The energy system referred to above is the same one that is targeted by practitioners who perform acupuncture. Acupuncture relates to the primary energy pathways in the human body referred to as “energy meridians.” It is believed that all negative emotions, such as shame, anger, sadness, fear, grief, guilt, hurt, rejection, anxiety and depression are caused by the aforementioned imbalance or disturbance in one or more of these meridians. All such disturbances are believed to be linked to memories of negative, traumatic, or painful events. However, EFT practitioners state that the memories themselves are not the cause of the pain, but rather negative thoughts activate these imbalances, resulting in painful, negative emotions. This theory is somewhat opposite to that heard in the traditional medical world. Here, at EFT Adelaide SA, we are expert at removing disturbances in the body’s energy system.

See us here at EFT Adelaide SA if you are seeking treatment for addictions.

Painful Memories Cease To Be Painful

EFT works by intentionally stirring up the energy disturbances or invoking or activating the contexts in which the original events occurred. The practitioner typically instructs patient to think about a painful memory, or just embrace the pain associated with that memory. When this disturbance is activated, the practitioner strategically taps his or her fingers on the tapping points to clear the energy imbalance in the affected meridians. As the tapping eliminate this energy disturbance, the negative emotions will begin to drain away. In most cases, the patient is instructed to repeat specific phrases during the tapping session, and this combination of activities is thought to eliminate painful emotions. In most cases, when the treatment is successful, the person can think about the memory (which had been painful prior to the EFT treatment) whenever he or she wishes to, but will no longer experience any painful emotional reactions. However, it is essential for the patient to avoid thinking about several things at once or becoming distracted during the therapy session, as this can interfere with the emotional freedom technique being applied by the practitioner. If have painful memories come and see us at EFT Adelaide SA and we will help you remove the pain, so all you are left with are neutral memories.

See us here at EFT Adelaide SA if you are seeking treatment for anxiety.

Reports of Positive Results

Many individuals report a positive outcome after participating in EFT therapy. For example, soldiers have stated that intrusive thoughts and nightmares associated with post traumatic stress syndrome were eliminated through such therapy. People suffering from phobias have had them vanish in a matter of minutes after completing an EFT session. Certain athletes have also reported a dramatic improvement in their performance when participating in competitions or playing important games. Although success varies and no one should discontinue traditional medical care or medications in lieu of holistic practices, it is obvious that EFT therapy has something to offer essentially anyone. For this reason, medical practitioners using emotional freedom techniques can now be found in essentially every part of the world. Likewise we get very positive results here here at EFT Adelaide SA.

What Things Do Most People Want With Using EFT?

Here are the top ten things people see us at EFT Adelaide SA for.

  • EFT for Abundance
  • EFT for Anxiety
  • EFT for Depression
  • EFT for Happiness
  • EFT for High blood pressure
  • EFT for Insomnia
  • EFT for PTSD
  • EFT for Relationships
  • EFT for Stress
  • EFT for Weight loss

Here, at EFT Adelaide SA, we can quickly and comprehensively deal with these issues and hundreds of other things.

 EFT Adelaide South Australia

The people of Adelaide, South Australia have always been quick to embrace change. Every so often you ask why people have migrated from Europe and America to Adelaide, South Australia and you hear things such as, “I have lived in different parts of the world and Adelaide is the best”. Lonely Planet lists Adelaide as the ninth best place in the world to visit. So it is no surprise that Australia, and especially Adelaide, has embraced EFT which is one of the newest and most powerful modalities for personal transformation. To find out more, contact me at EFT Adelaide SA


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