Spiritual EFT Is Tapping In Spiritually Uplifting Words Of Power

Spiritual EFT is the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), otherwise known as “Tapping”, to bring about spiritual growth, spiritual healing, and spiritual enlightenment. Basically, you can tap spiritually inspiring words into the EFT tapping points in an attempt to elevate the self towards the Divine. Depending upon your spiritual or religious beliefs, you might choose a vast array of spiritually meaningful terms.

For instance, Muslims might tap in the Tawhid, which is a term that means, “Unity at once with the Divine and with all things.”

Jews might tap in, “Quadosh, Quadosh, Quadosh, Adonai Tzeba’oth” , which translates, “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts.” This comes from Isaiah 6:3.

Christians can tap in “The Lord’s Prayer”, for example, and like with the other religions, there are dozens of things that lend themselves for tapping. As someone who was raised in the Christian Religion, my favorite comes from Mark 1:11 and Matthew 17:5 in the Roman Catholic Bible version called “The Jerusalem Bible”, which says, “You are my son, The Beloved, my favor rests on you”. The word of power here is the word, “Beloved“. I find that tapping in this magical word of power, Beloved, around and around the EFT tapping points, creates remarkable results.

Followers of Eastern religions might benefit from tapping in OM and AUM.

In my experience, the best of all words to tap in are the Celestial Words Of Power. These Words uplift the whole being with the divine vibrations that correspond to their meaning, and they mean such things as Divine Love, Divine Faith, Divine Forgiveness, Divine Wisdom, Divine Peace, Divine Goodness, and so on. Also of great benefit is to tap in the Grand Program For Transformation.

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