Emotional Freedom Techniques Australia

EFT Matrix Reimprinting

October 17, 2010

EFT  Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Judy Timperon Today my guest blogger is Judy Timperon who is telling us about the extraordinary EFT Matrix Reimprinting. I first met Judy at an EFT Course run by one of Australia’s illustrious EFT Masters, Maggie Adkins. I was lucky enough to receive an invitation from Judy to attend her fabulous […]

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EFT Extravaganza Australia 2011

October 3, 2010

4 Fabulous Presenters 4 Fabulous Days 1 Fabulous Location EFT Extravaganza is a celebration of Emotional Freedom Techniques brought to you by one of Australia’s EFT Masters, Maggie Adkins. Assisting her this time in Port Macquarie will be three other EFT Masters. The EFT Extravaganza is Australia’s premier event for EFT. During an EFT Extravaganza  […]

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EFT Tapping Treatment For Migraine Headaches

May 9, 2010

Maggie Adkins: Treating Migraine Headaches With EFT Migraine headaches are suffered by many in today’s busy world. So often, migraine sufferers also have other conditions to deal with such as problems of weight gain or weight loss, depression, anxiety, sometimes even trauma. Today my guest blogger, Australian EFT Master, Maggie Adkins, talks about how she […]

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EFT Tapping For Picky Eaters

April 18, 2010
Rehana Webster

Rehana Webster’s EFT Tapping Solution For  Picky Eaters It is common for health care professionals to find concerned parents bringing along their picky eaters. In fact, many children are picky eaters. If you are a parent of a picky eater and you are looking for a solution then you have come to the right place. […]

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I’m Lonely No More

April 4, 2010

Maggie Adkins: How To Transform – I’m Lonely – With EFT Most EFT practitioners often get calls from people who are basically saying “I’m Lonely“. Too often they are dealing with issues of weight gain or weight loss, depression, anxiety and trauma, all of which can be treated with EFT. Today my guest blogger, Australian […]

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Decision Making Using Maggie’s Decision Destroyer

March 23, 2010

EFT Master Maggie Adkins Maggie’s passion is to help people reclaim their lives as authentic, abundant, Infinite Beings. She returned “home” to Australia in June, 2006, after living and teaching EFT in the U.S. for 4 years. During her stay in the US she attended all of Gary Craig’s EFT and Serious Disease conferences. She […]

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