EFT Techniques

Tapping For Chronic Illness (Also Utilising Healer Tapping While You Sleep)

June 13, 2013

My wife, Jan, has been helping someone with chronic illness and sent this email to her recommending EFT tapping therapy. In this email, Jan suggests using a technique that I have not seen suggested by EFT practitioners before. Jan is noted for her many ‘firsts’  with respect to self development processes, and here she does […]

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Maggie’s Decision Destroyer Shortcut

March 25, 2011

This post has more information about Maggie’s Decision Destroyer, including the importance of wording and the shortcut that I use. For the first post about Maggie’s Decision Destroyer, click here. When Maggie Adkins first invented “Maggie’s Decision Destroyer”, she rang me to tell me about it. This was on a Monday evening. On the following […]

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