About Us

Along with my wife Jan (who is not currently practising), I live in the beautiful Adelaide Hills among tall trees and native birds and wildlife (if you can call possums and koalas wild). I have been a successful alternative practitioner since 1993, and an EFT practitioner since 2001. I have graduated EFT courses and given thousands of hours of EFT sessions. I have many clients who attribute at least a part of their healing and personal success to their sessions with me.

I am also an NLP Master Practitioner

NLP means “Neuro Linguistics Programming”. Many of the world’s top EFT practitioners are also NLP practitioners. The founder of EFT, Gary Craig, is an NLP Master Practitioner and he speaks, in his courses, of the benefits of combining NLP with EFT. NLP can be the difference between getting good results with EFT, and getting outstanding results. Gary Craig says this about NLP: I am a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP myself and hold a deep appreciation for its teachings. It has substantially enhanced my ability to deliver EFT. In fact, ANYONE that chooses to pursue NLP will become much better at not only delivering EFT but also in their everyday skills with people. And who couldn’t use that? NLP! Highly recommended!

I am also an experienced Kinesiology Practitioner

“Kinesiology” means “muscle testing”. Gary Craig teaches how to combine Kinesiology with EFT in his courses. Kinesiology has many, many uses within EFT. For instance, it can find deeper levels of an issue and reveal if any aspects of an issue are still left to be treated.
Example: a woman came to me terrified that her son was going to be taken from her in a divorce settlement. After a few minutes of EFT the feeling of fear was gone consciously, but muscle testing revealed that a very strong unconscious fear remained which we removed by combining EFT with NLP.
Another Example: sometimes EFT practitioners discover that a problem won’t shift because they can’t find the correct setup. We can get around this by using Kinesiology to find the best setup.
Yet Another Example: We want to clear every instance of negatively charged events in a person’s life. Once the person feels that they are all cleared we can then use a muscle test to find out if there are any more charged events they have missed. Invariably the muscle test reveals dozens or hundreds more that we can then deal with, until they are totally all gone, and a profound sense of peace is then often felt.


One of my aims is to help you to achieve what you want quickly and thoroughly at competitive hourly rates and using no more sessions than is absolutely necessary. I am able to do this by powerfully combining EFT with NLP and Kinesiology, just as many of the world’s internationally recognised EFT practitioners do. Recently I have powerfully combined Celestial Transformation with EFT to produce outstanding results. My EFT is now faster and more comprehensive than before.


Quite a few customers have reported dizziness or light-headedness during their sessions. Some report unfamiliar feelings of energy flowing to different parts of their bodies. This is a consequence of the power of the EFT processes that I use. Let me know if this happens to you during your session and I will make sure that you are feeling better before you get behind the wheel of your car.


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