About EFT

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT is a powerful life changing tool. We, Jan and Wal, have been in the therapy business since 1992. We have tried many types of therapy, you could say we dabbled in everything that came along, to find out if it fit with our methods of operating. When we came across EFT in 2001, we realised that this is a technique that resolves the majority of physical, emotional, and mental issues more rapidly and more comprehensively than any of the other methods we had been using in the previous nine years.

Transform Your Life with EFT

There are 2 basic principles with EFT and these are

  1. clearing “the writing on our walls”
  2. removing “energy disruptions” from our energy system.

There are dozens of different ways within EFT to do these 2 things and I use many of them in my day to day practice. Some of the advanced ways are very powerful indeed.

EFT Personal Peace Procedure

One of these, The Personal Peace Procedure, aims to clear all the charged emotions and energy disruptions attached to the major traumatic events of our lives. People report having a profound sense of peace when they complete this procedure. I use muscle testing to indicate when it is complete. I find that people who try to do it without muscle testing, can end up with hundreds of issues remaining that they missed. Most people have many hundreds of issues to clear, and so it takes quite a few sessions, but those who have done it report an improvement in their health and in their lives, and they speculate that future health issues that they may have otherwise had, will not now occur.

Achieve Long Term Goals with EFT

To transform your life you first need to work out what you want. If you want me to help you achieve your long term goals with EFT, I recommend that you plan on seeing me at least 4 times per year (or as much as every 2 weeks), and come to me with a written list of goals, and also a written list of questions you can ask that might assist you in achieving those goals (it’s an old saying, if you want the right answers then ask the right questions).

When you tell me what you want in life, I use muscle testing to determine how well you are progressing towards getting what you want.

We then use advanced EFT methods to:

  • remove any writing on your walls and energy disruptions that limit you from achieving your goals.
  • install new writing on your walls that moves you towards your goals.
  • identify and resolve any inner conflicts, blocks and resistance (these are forms of writing on the walls and energy disruptions).
  • educate you on what wasn’t working in the past and to find new options for the future.

Then, next session, we use muscle checking to again determine how well you are progressing towards getting what you want and then we do more EFT to further empower you.

In between sessions I give you homework to speed things along.

Then, as you live your life, you may find that challenges that used to be seemingly insurmountable become things of the past, and you may wonder why you ever had a problem with them at all. Instead you may still find challenges in life but they will be a higher level of challenge, and they, too, will disappear with the application of advanced EFT.

Those who persist with this report that, as they look back on the last few years of their lives, they have indeed achieved what they used to want and now they want other things, and they know the potential for EFT to help them achieve these as well.

For instance, John and Joan had been trying for years to conceive a baby but were too infertile. After using EFT, Joan fell pregnant and had a beautiful baby. Then, they found their darling child was going through the terrible two’s and pushing their buttons and they wanted help from EFT to be better parents. And then the child went to school…. and so on.