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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or EFT Tapping) is the new, powerful method of personal transformation that more and more health professionals around the world are using. EFT can help with hundreds of issues (click here to see a list). EFT often works when all else has failed.

See me (Wal) for world class EFT treatments.EFT Adelaide South Australia


(08) 8278 9098

Address (See Map Below):

EFT Adelaide SA
1 Jane Court
Blackwood, SA 5051

See map below.

Opening Times:

10.00am to 6.00pm Mondays to Saturdays


$80 per half hour session.
If this is too much for you because you are on a pension and so on, then I have ways of reducing this. Please ask during your session.


Hi, my name is Wal and I am an EFT Practitioner here at EFT Adelaide SA.

I can help you to deal with a wide range of issues. See here for hundreds of things I can assist with.

I work very fast and my work is very comprehensive. Most people find that I can achieve more in half an hour than do most practitioners, whether they be EFT Practitioners or Practitioners of some other related modality.

For example, I can sometimes fully clear Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in as little as ten minutes. Most highly trained EFT Practitioners will take the best part of an hour to do this. I have seen people with PTSD who report that they still have remaining PTSD symptoms after having ten or more sessions with Psychologists and other mainstream therapists.

With regard to the sort of work I do, most people go to professionals with just one issue and that one issue is worked on over an hour or more. The type of EFT I use often works much faster and we can often deal with two or more issues in half an hour, especially if you prepare a short list beforehand. So I appreciate it if you come with a written list of your top five issues and we will see how many we can clear in the half hour session.

Why Is Your EFT So Fast, Wal?

Why is my style of EFT so fast? The short story is that I have used EFT on myself for more than a decade. Part of this EFT self-work is the intention to improve my speed and power of delivering EFT to my customers. Doing this self-work has also developed in me an acute sensitivity to the energy disruptions that EFT seeks to eliminate by tapping the EFT tapping points. This means I track down the energetic causes of issues fast and I can tell when they are all gone. This is the first key to fast and comprehensive treatment. The second key is having the tools to remove the disruptive causes quickly. Tapping by itself will work but it can be slow with hard-to-shift issues. So I use a form of empowered tapping as required.

The long story starts back in the 1980’s, ten years before Gary Craig developed EFT. At that time I developed something that is very similar to EFT, but it led me on a different path to that taken by Gary Craig ……..

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